The Magick of Time…

A Celebration that is not Man Made as it is as Olde as the Earth itself the basic part of how Earth works it is a Celebration of Nature

The Harvest is winding down fields are nearly empty as We accept the Soil is dying

Warmth behind us Cold lies ahead

A Time rich in Magick with Nature’s Bounty

Decorate Your Home with Symbols of the Harvest

Gourds and Pumpkins

Autumn Flowers

Corn Stalks tied together displayed and Decorated around Your Home

3 Ears of Indian Corn hung on Your Front Door

As the Sun’s strength diminishes and warm Autumn days are followed by chilly nights stop for the moment and notice this Eternal Flow of Life

Recognize the Beauty of the Earth and Give Thanks for it’s Bounty

Rest gives us Energy to Grow as Growth creates a desire for Rest

Leaves fall wrapped in the coolness of the Night…Fruits ripened…as We think about Planting Seeds in the coming Year

Apples the Sacred Symbol of the Witch are collected and placed in Straw Baskets about the Home…juicy and ready to take a Bite

Incense filter the Air of Sage Sweetgrass and Myrrh

That Love Potion is ready to drink of Hot Apple Cider as the Apple rules the Heart with just a sprinkle of Cinnamon

Acorns and Dried Leaves Handcrafted and Gifted to Family and Friends

The Animals scattering about to store up Winter survival needs


For the Moment…Nature is in Balance

I walk among the Trees and wish them well as they prepare for Winter’s sleep

Reaffirming My Vows to the Earth to rise against Harm and Act to Heal

Enjoying an open air solitude of the Earth and Sky and not a Soul could see me

I could bolt through the Forest like a Deer or silently watch like a Fox

This is where I belong I am at Home among the Trees

Alone…in the Center of the Woods…
SUN ENTERS LIBRA 22 SEPTEMBER 10:29pm …a time to be totally flirtatious


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Today’s Daily Tarot Meditation 9/17/2014


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The High Priestess inverted 

Today you woke up with a certain level of ignorance, and  shortsightedness. This could be a time in your life when you are not giving yourself the time you need to fully understand your emotions, needs, and relationships. Things just started moving too fast as the sun rose .You are urged not to make bad decisions, or be superficial. You would feel more at ease if you were balanced, harmonious, and trusting your intuition. Your intuition is a gift, so pay more attention to it. You have the ability to bring things into clear focus . Explore yourself, explore your emotional needs, and above all, learn from what you discover in your heart.


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Born Today 17 September


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Sir Peter Paul Rubens - 'Peace Embracing Plenty' (apparently as seen from the floor!) c1633 {{PD}}

Sir Peter Paul Rubens – ‘Peace Embracing Plenty’ (apparently as seen from the floor!) c1633 {{PD}}

You may be running on instinct, and acting and reacting from your personal ‘blind spot’ this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Virgo. What’s clear is that material hidden from the psyche will feature prominently in events, and will influence your choices and efforts–and how can one possibly prepare for that? One can’t reasonably prepare for that at all, but you’re in luck: your Solar Return Cancer Moon suggests a great capacity for sensitivity, empathy, and caring; if you’ll commit to feeling and trusting those feelings, you might navigate things very successfully. Don’t be tempted to go ‘dark’ or to reduce things solely to the material level, and embrace elements of ‘luck’ and general good fortune, especially in creating fortuitous relationships and in making good financial moves–because luck and good fortune…

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bear Medicinewalker…Storms of Life


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Storms of Life

A Storm is described as a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow. It can also refer to moving angrily or forcefully in a specific direction. Whatever way you choose to describe it, the Thunder nation was busy throughout the night and into the early morning hours here at the lake.

I sat and watched as the lightening danced on top of the water and the sky echoed and rolled with its partner, Thunder. Rain, cleansing and ever revitalizing, continued to fall, sometimes in a fierce way and at other times as gentle reminders it is hear to help nurture, grow and supply life to creation itself.

It reminded me that it is similar to us humans, as in nature… sometimes we bring about mighty storms forcefully sending out emotion, energy, anger or grief out to the universe around us and into…

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Red Willow Bark:


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red willow in winterToday Peter send me this article, about an Archaeologist discovering pottery shards with residue of Red Willow Bark, a favoured pain reliever the world over.   http://westerndigs.org/prehistoric-pottery-found-in-colorado-contains-ancient-natural-aspirin/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_aspirinscraping the BarkRed Willow Bark is also a favoured ingredient of the Ojibwa smoking mixture” giniginige ” = to mix something animate with something inanimate”) meaning plants with Animal grease, which is seen as inanimate as long as it is not Bear grease….   The word “kinikinick” comes from “giniginige”.The making of kinikinick nowadays can be a well kept family -or Clan secret. These ingredients are most often found in varying concentrations:  Leaves or bark of Red willow bark, as mentioned, freshly dried Dogwood leaves, Arrow Root, Red Sumac, Blueberry twigs, Bear berry leaves, Raspberry leaves  Choke Cherry twigs, stems and dried berries, Juniper berries, Mullen and dried Yarrow flowers. As fat the smelllly musk from the gland of the Muskrat was so popular, there are songs…

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Realism vs. Magic


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Checkerboard Wild Horse Roundup Day 2


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On-Site observations by Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Every wild horse is to be removed from the Checkerboard Lands in the Red Desert in Wyoming because the BLM at the behest of the Rocks Springs Grazing Association is treating this vast area of alternating tracts of private and public land as if they were just private land.”

photos by Carol Walker, music by Bill Webb

It is day two of the Checkerboard Roundup in Wyoming, and I am in a long line of cars with their lights on, as the sky is gradually lightening, headed down I-80. It looks like a funeral procession, and it actually even feels like one to me because I know there is no happy ending for the horses that will be rounded up today. At every other roundup I have attended in the past, at least some of…

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