Delicate Feminine Draping

With These Threads A Subtle Veil She Wore

Stirring The Transparent Thoughts…

The Image Barely Visible Yet Projecting A Glimpse

The Tease Of The Demure Female

Illusion Giving The Impression Of Exposed Flesh

Shades Of Pure White Unstained

Like Fresh Snow A Palette For Adventure

Tender Companionship Used For The First Time

Her Form Is Spotless Before Anything Is Mudded

Created Only To Be An Unattainable Dream She Rescues The White Knight

She’s Untrodden Ground

Draped In White Creation Of Anything The Mind Can Conceive

Ready To Imprint Her Life With All The Colors Of The Spectrum

Is The Beginning Of Everything…

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The House


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Originally posted on Sarah Buzzkill:

this was the house that rape built,
on the land destitution claimed,
in the name of injustice.
foundation cracked
once in a lifetime.
housed guilt,
until rage came home.
slut shaming clothed
daughters backsides.
whispers in the face
of truth
you refused to hear
every girl was the bearer of
bad news.
hardships worn like heirlooms.
shutters closed tight,
even in daylight.
and this was the house rape built.


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Born Today 25 October


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Originally posted on Julie Demboski's ASTROLOGY:

Georges Seurat 'Port-en-Bessin: The Outer Harbor (Low Tide)' 1888

Georges Seurat ‘Port-en-Bessin: The Outer Harbor (Low Tide)’ 1888

Soul, heart, mind, and common sense are all in alignment over the coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Scorpio–but what does all that inner harmony bring you? Besides a magnetism that rivals the tides, you may find the mentality is burdened by a lot of ambition and an inability to think in a straight line–which means you can seem so wrapped up in yourself that you alienate others. The emotions in you run deep over the coming year, but may be kept under wraps, out of fear or a desire to suppress those feelings you’d rather not acknowledge; you may question your own motives and strength, and so may undermine what you could excel at, earning and lovin’. Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

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Originally posted on miravuceticprsic:

If you find yourself in dark, in cold,

Check your pockets for treats.

Will you be scared to realize,

You came empty handed to forgotten Zoo?

And if you walk down empty hallway,

Is that the sound of your own footsteps?

Will you turn around?

Did that shadow in corner move?

Offer treats to those shadows,

They always wait hungry for visitors,

And get them busy with shiny wrapping paper,

So you would have time to sneak out.

Turn around for one last look,

Until you are summoned for next visit,

And tell me are you scared to see,

Your hands full of shiny wrapping paper,

And your mouth full of treats?


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Relax in Paradise


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Originally posted on The Office:

Relax in Paradise
Turkey — by tim-lee-rookie-photograph

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The chorus girl…


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Originally posted on The Wit Continuum:


American chorus girl, model, and great beauty, Evelyn Nesbit (1884-1967) was seduced by famous architect Stanford White. Later, White was shot and killed by Nesbit’s insane husband, millionaire Harry Thaw, on the roof of Madison Square Garden, which was designed by White.

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1 cup extra virgin olive oil

3 tbs warm honey

1 tsp pure pomegranate juice

9 fava beans

1 black bean

1 bead of barley
In a bowl pour olive oil

Counterclockwise stir in the sacred sweetness the honey

Than stir in pomegranate juice

Pour this mixture into an Amber colored glass bottle…Amber for the energy of the Sun

Place the food of the dead the fava beans one at a time into the Amber bottle

The love between me and thee is placed next into the bottle the black bean

Add bead of barley
Cork your vessel keep the bottle sealed until you use it to anoint

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