King of the Verboten Harvest


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Originally posted on Kaleidoscopic Kites:

Lightning strangles malign straw sight.
Ravenous ravens caw for their plight.
A pumpkin king laughs, humorlessly,
Scaring only those who serve him.
Fields of copious, ugly weeds
Grow a deadly, disheartened grin.
Jack-o’-lanterns shout.
The old ghost pouts.
Trees crush witches’ hay stalks
Wilting barren brown squawks.

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Originally posted on ravendelajour:

gothic girl

Laying on the bed, motionless

Thinking about your eyes

Is this another passing phase

Or will I latch onto you, love?

For security and hope

Like I already am…

I apologize, I know it’s wrong

Your words soothe the pain

The cold that resides within…

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Shopping with the Devil


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Originally posted on 19th Century Modern:

El Aquelarre by Francisco Goya, 1798

All Hallows Eve is less than a fortnight away! While we Moderns have taken pains to remove the sinister bits about Halloween from our culture and vocabulary; it is still a very superstitious holiday. Victorians were the first to slowly exorcise the devil from the annual observation, however it was still a time fraught with danger and drenched with death. As such, the 19th century saw a much more serious take on the holiday even if it was “just for fun.” If you are in the midst of throwing a bash, here are some shopping recommendations to add a bit of an edge . . . as any 19th century citizen would.

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Card of the Day — October 22, 2014


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Originally posted on Nix Finch Tarot:

Since we’re in the final countdown to Halloween, I’m going to just keep using the Halloween Oracle for all of the cards of the day until then.

Today’s card is Joy.

Here we see a character frolicking in the fallen Autumn leaves, but whose face would suggest that they’re not as interested in it as you’d expect them to be.

Today is a day to let go of worries, stress, and other concerns enough that you can look at your life and see all of the things that you can take excitement and happiness in.  Things that only come once in a while, like piles of brightly colored leaves; and things that are there all the time, like the warmth of the sun.

-Nix Finch

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Halloween Colors


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Originally posted on ferrebeekeeper:

lead-image-halloweenDuring secondary school in rural Ohio the music teacher annually dug out the moth-eaten scores for a bunch of Halloween songs including “Black and Gold,” (the lyrics of which I still somewhat remember). The song was a doggerel hymn about the colors of Halloween season and the lyrics were just a list of black and gold items: jet black cats with golden eyes, golden goblins, pumpkins, and black shadows. Some young wag always said “this should be titled ‘black and orange,’” which I thought was a fair point based on all of the orange and black candy and decorations around.


Allegedly the seasonal color scheme of black and orange go back to the ancient Celtic traditions which Halloween comes from. Orange (or rich gold/saffron, maybe) is the symbolic color of the harvest, the crops, and the autumn leaves whereas black represents night, death, and winter darkness. It’s a good color…

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A Hallowe’en Dream


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Originally posted on Catherine sabatina's Blog:

A Hallowe’en Dream fresh from the night
The New Forest of Hampshire, a black cat
Trick or treat, a curse or blessing
Wear with pride your witches hat

Cast a spell the time is ripe
The dead return to earth
Bring out your best, bring out your worst
Smile with with wickedness, joy and mirth

Orange pumpkins, carve a face
Evil spirits could be about
Too much chocolate, too much wine
Children run, scream and shout

Is it an illusion this Hallowe’en stuff?
Or will you tingle in delight
Blood rushes through pulsing veins
Love the feast, or recoil in fright

What spell will you cast, but remember this
The blessed lore of three
What you wish for will return but thrice
Be pure in heart, it will set you free

Enjoy the night, have fun, celebrate
The earth is natural and pure
Respect the nature, count your blessings

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