The Journey of Persephone


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Originally posted on Invisible Inklings:

I was born

a child of the frivolous dance of Summer’s sun
bright and dazzling
but it is under Autumn’s deep, sensual touch
that I blossomed
in fleeting light and spiced air
still warm enough to be free
I walked in the chill of shortening days
and let him pull me closer
his sweet song of seduction
filling my ears with intoxicating promises
whispering thoughts of the darkly divine
that carried me head over heels
like a fiery leaf on the breeze
I turned from all that has ever nurtured me
and kept me safe
and succumbed to the shadowed curiosity of desire
down I crept
not of fear but of a need to feel each step of my decent
my own heartbeat the only living thing
throbbing through my body
as I savored each breath
in the realm of the dead
increasingly aware that I was…

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Deep Within


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Originally posted on Pensuality:

Furtive thirst allowed inception
Penetrates the shelled endeavor
Imagine no need of preconception
Thoughts as easy as a river,

Seduction swims deeply under current
Once in need now drinks requited
Breathing winds of change resurface
Is found the sweetest relief in quiet

Unwrapping unknown fantasies
Even within a wild spirit held passaged
Corners once shrouded accepting beams
Into neglected, forgotten crevices,

A victor feasts on the decadence of spoils
Clinging to festooned vines refusing to release
Naturally surrendered seeds into the soil
Pleading passion expressions held the key,

Wetted branches glisten upon dawn’s arrival
Cascading arms embrace awakened need
Colors incandesce like rainbows falling
Standing still in love fulfilling plead

Lingering eyes look hopefully refreshed
Hands like velvet reawakening
Untangling perceptions from knotted mesh
Balsam soothes the branded scars of agony.

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A poem


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Originally posted on pill0whead:

Circular motions
Circular notions
Words that enrapture
Whilst failing to capture
An essence.

Here my thoughts race
To stay in the same place
Suspended in space
They are known
By their own evanescence.

Self referential and in perpetual motion,
Where does the droplet divide from the ocean?

Look without seeing
And listen, not to hear
Be love, not a lover
And act without fear.

For that which is born comes to nothing,
The unborn never dies.
That which illuminates has no qualities,
and can be seen without eyes.

-Poem by myself,  artwork by Agostino Arrivabene.

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I should polish the silver


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Originally posted on down to earth digs:

I should polish the silver

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From Dad – Freshly picked Bloody Mary Cocktail.


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Originally posted on This Family Plot:


Freshly picked end of summer tomatoes, sweet chillies, bell pepper chillies and peppers.


All in a blender and blitz up.


Bottle and refrigerate, or pour into steriliser jars and freeze.


Pour over ice for a healthy morning drink or add a little vodka, celery salt, no pepper,
a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a squeeze of lemon juice and a celery stalk to garnish.  Reduce and add to pasta sauces, stews and minced meat dishes.

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The Story of Why the Raven is Black as shared by bear Medicinewalker


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Originally posted on bear Medicinewalker:

raven color
This was shared to me by an Elder who asked me if I knew how the Raven became black. since my response was no this is what Black elk Shared with me…and now in turn I share with you..

Long ago, during the very beginning of the world, Gray Eagle was the guardian of the sun, the moon, the stars, fresh water and fire. Gray Eagle hated people so much that he kept these things hidden. The peoples lived in darkness, without fire and without fresh water.

Gray Eagle also had a beautiful daughter, and when Raven saw her he instantly fell in love with her. At that time Raven was a handsome young man so he came up with a plan to change himself into a snow-white bird. As the snow-white bird he pleased Gray Eagle’s daughter and soon she fell madly in love with him. So much so…

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a place that can reach


it stands outside of



affects all of it



wonderous things

worship and perform

sacred groves

consecrated temples

mountain tops

full circle of celebration

spellcasting work

rituals to be performed

attune with the

night phase

practice and learn


they will seep


your mind on their own…

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