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DIY Soap: How to Make Soap (Cold Process Method)



Originally posted on Setjataset (Madam Magick):


How To Make Soap:

Cold Process Method

*Soap making pot (stainless steal pot is the best)
*Measuring beakers or cups;
*Kitchen scales;
*Thermometer (long ones used to check milk heat for coffee frothing  is perfect);
*Essential or Fragrant oils ;
*Olive Oil (use canola or rice bran as substitute);
*Coconut Oil (use palm or cocoa butter as substitute)
*Lye Solution (Sodium Hydroxide mixed with distilled water);
*Flowers, Resins, Herbs;
*Colors: henna, sandalwood, saffron, clay, juice, coffee, cornmeal, cocoa powder can produce natural colors.
*Goggles and long gloves for safety.

1. Measure out all the soft oils (olive/canola or rice bran oil) and measure all your hard oils (coconut/palm and or cocoa butter) separately. 3/3 ratio is best = 1/3 Olive, 1/3 coconut oil and 1/3 palm.

2. Place solid oils into pot and slowly melt whilst stirring continuously – reach 40-45 degrees using thermometer.

3. Place olive oil (kept at room temperature) in…

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Two Ways of Seeing



Originally posted on A Crafty Man:

Pay attention: A phrase that every adult is familiar with.  Either we are haunted by it from our own childhood or we are currently traumatized by having to say it so often to our own children.  Attention is a big issue in our society.  It demands to be paid, but the question remains: what attention should we pay each other and the situations we find ourselves in?

On an occult or metaphysical level, there are actually two types of attention.  (For those of you who have read Carlos Castaneda’s don Juan, these terms will be familiar.)  “First attention” is the variety that we usually talk about.  It involves focusing on the mundane astral-projectionworld of daily life.  Look both ways before you cross the street.  The boss said this assignment has to be done by Tuesday at noon.  The fridge is empty; time to go buy groceries.  These are the usual events…

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7Ry547t-dark-forest-wallpaperwhich do not permit themselves to be told


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Removing Misfortune.



Originally posted on The Hedge Witches Blog.:

This spell uses plant magic combined with folk magic and the meaning of numbers. Burying an object binds the energy of what it represents and reciting prayers raises the vibration to the point where any negativity is mulified. The Instruction “Within sight of a church” suggests that the bad luck then is overseen by the angels.

You will need.

3 Small Jars, 9 Cloves of garlic, 9 Thorns from a white rose or 9 pins.

Method. Pierce the garlic cloves with the pins or thorns saying the forcefully while doing so.

“Misfortune Begone from me”

Put cloves and pins in each jar. Bury jar within a sight of a church. Say the lords prayer each time you do so.  Walk away and don’t look bad at what you have done.

Blessed Be )0( Silver xx

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COTD 27.18.15: Leap into the dance…



Originally posted on Guinevere Fae:

2015-08-22 09.33.37

Today’s COTD is IX The Tower

A bolt on inspiration may hit you today and almost knock you over!

After what may feel like eons of shuffling along through life something may happen so suddenly that it changes the path you are traveling.

This ‘aha’ moment may be just what you need to re-energise and refresh you wholly and completely and have you dancing off in an amazing new direction.

Love Jennifer x

Illustrations from Morgan-Greer used with permission of U.S. Games Systems Inc, Stamford, CT 06902 ©1979 by U.S. Games Systems.  Further reproductions prohibited.

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Beyond Death / Iron & Silk



Originally posted on darksilvertree:

A gentle voice

By your side.

Its song,

The waves

Beneath your boat.

As it carries

Beyond death


Royal chains

Made of



Carry between

Burdened souls

Pike driven into stone

Made of


Of peace

To heal


These are some poems about my lastest WIP Singers of Death.


Image (clickable) text: Darkness didn’t scare a witch. Not one who guided others through death.

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