The winds that swirl around me that guide which path for me to take that control my every thought whispered a breeze to me that something just was not fitting into this December New Moon

I read quite a few writings that told of such a story that this New Moon would be in Sagittarius

Yet for me…

The winds told me else wise

So my research began

It did not take long to find out what our glorious New Moon had been doing way up in the sky

As I have learned each group of Practioneers have their own way of doing things to accomplish their intentions

Tarot card readers etc

But for Witches we must know where the Moon “physically” is so we can draw upon its energy it contains as it rests in each Zodiac sign before the Moon begins its travel around the Universe once againRESEARCH

On Saturday December 16 at 1:07am the Moon entered the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius

At this time it was the Dark of the Moon

As of December 18 the Moon is in Void of Course which means the Moon is traveling

No Magick is performed at this Void of Course time it could and probably will backfire!

The Moon has “physically” left Sagittarius

The New Moon began December 18 at 1:31am Eastern Time

On December 18 at 1:33pm the New Moon arrives in Capricorn

So those of you who have planned on the evening of the New Moon Spells and MidNight Rituals and by WitchCraft Law the energy you will draw from is from the Zodiac sign of Capricorn

…and that Capricorn Energy will be


Why waste your Spells on the left over Sagittarius energy that has already faded away!SPELLWORK

ELEMENT: earth

POLARITY: feminine




HEALING: skeleton ~ knees ~ skin

INCENSE: carnation


Is the tone for this New Moon

What a fabulous way to bring the last New Moon of 2017 into your Magick Realm

Plans will begin to come together

Those step by step goals that you carefully laid the foundation for will bring to you great success

Time to prepare during December’s New Moon to bring your ability into the future which is just around the corner


Burn one Black Candle

Get a bowl or some type of container and fill it with salt

Nearing the stroke of midnight during this New Moon

Walk outdoors holding the black candle in your right hand

The bowl of salt in your left hand

As the candlelight guides your way

Encircle your home with the salt leaving the circle open at the north

This to let what you no longer want from this year of 2017 to escape out and away from you and your home

…and don’t mind about the salt in due time the winds will take it away

Once completed…

Keeping the candle lit go back inside and read your journal from this year 2017

Start on page 1

Take the backwards steps to those days gone by

Add any notes to it you wish

Where have you been
Where did you go
How much did you get accomplished

The rest is up to you on what you allow to travel with you into the next yearHOT NEW MOON BREW

Above the flames sits a cauldron

A vessel to prepare the magick potion for two

Perhaps the skies just became a little bit stormy

As the steam rises into the air

Let the images in your mind run wild…


3 parts green tea
1 part lemon verbena
1 part dried lemon peel
1 part chamomile

Once this is


And ready to be drunk

Swirl gently into each cup the sweetness of drizzled honey

…and don’t forget to find someone to share it with!


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Crystals for Holiday Stress


Paths I Walk

By Crystal Cosmopolitan


Holidays are supposed to be joyful and celebratory events, and yet many times the preparation – whether hosting a party or travelling to someone else’s home – leaves us exhausted and wishing we could just forget about all of it, sleep through it and wake up when it is all over. If you’ve ever had a thought like this – then this article is for you!

Crystals help us on many levels through physical laws of resonance, where their vibratory frequency affects the frequencies of our bodies in specific ways. In this article I will suggest a few that assist specifically with issues related to stress around the holidays. So here are the tips and tricks you can use to sail through the holiday season with a smile on your face:

Take your Citrine when you go shopping to find what you need at a price you…

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Sangria for the Holiday


The Dapper Style

Santa_Margherita_SangriaHoliday Sangria


1 bottle of Santa Margherita Chianti Classico Riserva

1 large orange, sliced

1 large pear, chopped

Seeds of 1 pomegranate

4 cinnamon sticks


Add fruit to a large pitcher. Top with Santa Margherita Chianti Classico Riserva. Place in fridge for an hour before serving. Spoon fruit into glass before pouring wine. Garnish with cinnamon stick. Add ice to top (optional).

Serves 4

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Christmas Eve Recipe: Bacalao al Horno con pimientos (Baked Salt Cod with Peppers)



Forget Christmas Day, Christmas Eve is where the party is at for most Spanish families. We don’t even open our presents on Christmas Day…we like to wait for the Epiphany when the Three Wise Men mounted on their camels come by.  You gotta admit that the Three Wise Men are more “believable”; at least the Three Wise Men actually had a part to play in the “real” Christmas story; Santa Claus just waltzed in and stole Jesus’ thunder. That fat b*****d!

Unfortunately, growing up in the UK meant that I couldn’t actually celebrate the Epiphany as I would have already started school by then so our Spanish family traditions are slightly different; we prefer to open our presents on Christmas Eve when the whole family is together and perhaps save a few for Christmas morning while we wait for our proper English Christmas dinner to start. Gotta embrace both cultures…

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Today’s Journey Tarot Card of the Day 12-18-17


Today's Journey Tarot Blog

12-18-17 Today’s Tarot is the Three of Earth. Tap into your own creativity and see what you can accomplish. Recognize your own ability. This card is about recognition and artistry.

Teresa Sue McAdams

three of earth

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Tonight during this Dark Moon it is time to bury the Truth

Expose it

Separate Fact from Fiction

Identify with what is really True

Allow your Senses to lead the way so you can finally determine what’s true and what’s not


…guide you down that Path of Truth

Find it outside of yourselfSAGITTARIUS



POWER STONE: azurite

HEALING: hips ~ thighs ~ nerves

MEDITATION: time to explore your own soul

Look up to the Heavens with your Bow and Arrow to find the answers


To keep your Mind fresh and your Soul at peace

Broaden your Horizons to know who is truly TrustWorthySPELL OF TRUTH

On a Dark of the Moon Night where the Skies are MoonLess and Cloudy no Stars to Shine the way

Take an Iron Nail that has been Rusted by time

Set this Nail down upon a small flat Stone

With a Iron Hammer strike it Thrice

At each Stroke say:

Clavus Ferreus
Malleus Ferreus

Ferrum Rufulum
Ferrum Nobilis

Iron Nail
Hammer Hard

Iron Sword
Noble Iron

Score the Stone thrice across with the Nails point

Take the Stone away quickly and bury it deep into the Earth upon a Holy Ground such as a

GraveYard etc

In time the Truth of what you search for shall be uncovered and then to set you freeDARK MOON TRUTH

Upon this Dark Moon Night sit comfortably in a chair in front of a window

No electric shall disturb you

Only the light of one candle placed by where you sit

Makes sure your view from the window allows you to be inspired by what is out there and to have clear vision of the sky

Have your journal and a writing instrument with you

In the quiet
In the darkness
In your thoughts

Become aware of the material world around you

Write down in the journal what you


Ego: released

Fear: manipulated

Pain: dramatic

Vision: clear

Truth: uncovered
Your views will become logical

True intentions begin to be seen more clearly

As you sort through accepting the right way from the wrong way

Release what blocks you

…let the light of truth guide your way in the darkness

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Last New Moon – Ultimate Release Spell


The Witch & Walnut

blowFinal new moon of the year is upon us. What an amazing time to release it all and send it back into the earth. Whatever you have gone through, held onto, cried over, got angry about or really just held onto to shit you know you shouldn’t and isn’t serving you. Time to clean yourself up and get rid of it. Make space for the New Year, set yourself up so you can start creating the year you want.

Take your time with this one, there is no rush. Start by having a shower or bath with all your favorite products. Dress comfortable and splash on some perfume or cologne, some lip gloss or your favorite earrings. Its important to feel really good about yourself and be fresh when you go to your altar or work space.

Time to set the mood. Start by turning on some of your favorite…

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