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Inauguration Week: A User Guide to Donald J. Trump’s Big Day in Washington

 16 Jan 2017 by Amanda House

WASHINGTON, D.C. – It’s finally here. Inauguration Week. Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States on Friday, January 20. Here are some important details to know if you plan on attending (or watching) the transition of power.

When & Where: Most of the festivities will take place Thursday, Jan. 19 through Saturday, Jan. 21 – with Friday being the official seal-the-deal date. Unofficial events, however, will be taking place all week across the nation’s capitol.

Here are the basic need-to-knows, from the welcoming ceremony, to the swearing in, to the parade.

Transportation: DON’T DRIVE. Whatever you do, do not attempt to drive around downtown D.C. later this week. Between the barricades, road closures and sheer amount of spectators, driving will be next…

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Meet the biker hosting the biggest pro-Trump demonstration at the inauguration


What Did You Say?

waving flagAuthored

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Chris Cox surveyed a small park near the U.S. Capitol, his German shepherd by his side. Wearing a Harley-Davidson jacket and a crocodile-skin cowboy hat adorned with the animal’s teeth atop his moppy, curly hair, Cox made for a particularly discordant sight in the heart of federal Washington on a misty weekend morning.bikers-for-trump03-jpg

But Cox had logistics to sort out, an Inauguration Day demonstration with motorcycle die-hards from across the nation to plan.

The 48-year-old chain-saw artist from South Carolina was an early and enthusiastic supporter of President-elect Donald Trump. Now that his guy has won, Cox wants to ensure that the group he founded, Bikers for Trump, strengthens its political muscle during Trump’s presidency and beyond.

The group obtained a permit for what is expected to be the largest pro-Trump rally held by a private group in…

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mvibEke-hourglass-wallpaperWRITING LETTERS

Sometimes we need to put pen to paper to express ourselves to communicate with one another is still held sacred within those written words

It touches that person in way nothing else can

It’s something that we see look at and read over and over again

Sometimes with great enjoyment and happiness receiving a pleasant beautiful letter to express love or a thank you

Or to say a very effective I’m sorry

Your emotions your utmost deep feelings sealed in a gift of writing

Using the sensitive tools of communication… the pen and the paperWriting The Bible How do I start this letter

Be sincere
Be humble
Be honest

Or else you probably won’t accomplish the mission

It’s a gracious gesture to congratulate someone on their good fortune

A little note so unexpected to receive or to send to motivate a pleasant thought in that person’s mind and yours

Just a simple hello…

Brightens someone’s day

Mention something noteworthy like a special event you attended the Spring Season that has finally rolled around or let that individual know you are thinking about them

A letter sent to say you understand what a terrible blow death is with a few added personal memories of the deceased

It’s a handmade present spent with your time effort and thoughts

I began writing a letter to someone I haven’t seen for a long time

I tore it up and started over again paying attention to how I expressed myself and the style of the letter

Wondering if he would possibly save my letter…I think he might!Letters-2

…I wanted to make sure I conveyed the true emotions of my heart in those words then I sprinkled a drop or two of my favorite perfume on the letter and sent it out to him…❤

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Ways of a Crystal Witch



Crystals Witch Witchcraft Divination Tarot TarotPugs Wicca Magick Spells Chakra

Most witches love crystals and gemstones.

The ways of a Crystal Witch are by someone who practices the craft and uses crystals and gemstones extensively in their practice.

There’s something natural and versatile about them. Many crystals are readily available and can be affordable, yet some can be more rare and expensive.

Many crystals share the same or similar properties so there’s always the possibility to find an alternative crystal if one is unavailable or out of your budget.

These beautiful earth elements are part of a natural form of magick that can be easily done by anyone.

Crystals can be used in meditations, alongside tarot readings, divination such as scrying with black/rainbow obsidian or clear quartz, combined with candle magick or tarot spells, healing or protection and much more.


Crystals can even be used in divination. Most popularly are futhark runes that are carved into tumbled…

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Halite and Hydrated Cats




Halite is a wonderfully different crystal with an interesting history behind it. It is part of the Salt family of crystals, and salt traditionally has a lot of symbolism attached to it, as well as many practical uses.

Salt can be offered to show hospitality – sitting above or below the salt in mediaeval times was an indication of social standing. It can be used as a symbol of purity and has its place in the armoury of protection against dark outside influences.

Salt was used to preserve and dry meat or fish, was a valuable trading commodity and can obviously just be sprinkled to enhance flavour…


As a crystal, Halite draws on all of these family qualities. It will draw out any spiritual impurities and restore inner balance while helping you to assume a more objective perspective. Halite can open your eyes to the existence and guidance of a…

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Daily Tarot Card Reading 16/1/2017


Weaver Tarot


Daily tarot card reading.

Today’s card is from the Earthbound Oracle. The energy of Illumination is in the air. Tapping into this card I feel like it is asking us to use our inner light and wisdom to light up the path ahead and even the world. This light will be uncompromising and will show us things that are pleasant, important and sometimes painful. We are ready to see these things. We are strong and we are powerful. We are also discerning. Remember that sometimes what we are shown is the opposite of what we need to know and feel within ourselves as our own truth. That is, sometimes the universe shows us the negative/false so that we can feel the positive/truth within. That is why it is so vital that we stay wise and grounded as we let our light shine. Keep those critical thinking skills switched ON.


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WITCHING OUT - The Beginner's Guide To Modern Magic

Animals are pure magic in themselves. They are driven by instinct and are unapologetically themselves, because they do not know any other way to be. Like humans, animals may have their own distinct personalities, but at their essence they possess the true spirit of that animal. In magic, we view animals as being pure of heart. Pets are welcomed to wander in and out of rituals and circles, as their pure energy only adds to the atmosphere. Being that animals are so wonderful and bring innate gifts and powers uniquely their own, I thought it would be nice to start our weeks off with a new animal. Each week I will discuss ways to utilize the essence of that animal in your magical practices. Feel free to print photos of that animal to meditate with when wanting to pull from it’s energies, or maybe invest in a small figurine for your altar…

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