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Earth Goddess Body Shop

n e w ⚡️ m a g i c k:  candle scents

img_3461Grecian Goddess tealight box

••• The Aurae ••• ((Nymphs of Breeze)) delicious juicy pear, creamy vanilla & sweet white lilies

••• Corn Moon ••• sugared, creamy corn pudding (freaking delicious)

••• Llŷr ••• God of the seas, ocean waters, cedar ship, blueberry crushing sea salt & dragon’s blood
••• Strawberry Moon••• strawberry, vanilla, peach & roses

••• Viridios ••• found in pine, juniper & cedar woods, thick with musk, under a waxing citrus moon.

••• Woodland Faerie ••• absinthe, berries & woods

••• Wandering Witch ••• elder berry & forest flowers

With these new scents, we’ve added a few tealight boxes: Enchanted Forest, The Moon, The Nymphs & Garden Goddess.  We’ve also adjusted the scents in the boxes of: Woodland Goddess &Sea Goddess.  Find our tealight boxes here.  Most are also available in votive & 6…

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A Brief History Of Opals


Ooh Shiny Thoughts

A short while ago I wrote a piece giving you a glimpse into the fascinating history of pearls and the other day whilst reading through some myths on jewellery I was reminded of the wonderful history of another favourite of mine, the opal. I have dipped into Fire Opals, which are not real opals, but thought it was time I dipped into the real thing.

Opals have been described by writers in many different ways, and none of them seem to catch the beauty, hints at volcanoes, fire and lightening are ripe in literature and is often referred to with implications of bad luck and evil, but what is this stone really all about? What is the history?

The earliest known opal artifacts were discovered in Kenya, and have been dated to back to 4000 B.C., it is believed that they most likely originated from Ethiopia. It is odd that…

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To be a plant witch.


100 and two

Cut plants and herbs with care, those that are abundant now. Or use food, outer leaves of cabbage, cuttings of the berries, nettle o and dandelion! they are in flower now.

And I bicycle over small roads through fields and fields of them.  Yellow lions teeth. And I make more samples and more samples, plant dye samples. With acv without, with ashes and without, with heat, with Father Sun and it makes me feel like a proper witch stirring in that hot cauldron and watch, whisper and care for fermenting  bottles with plant dyes.

Purple fingers, brown stains, feathers, bones and dreams, so many dreams in those pots.

I sometimes wonder if it is enough to only make samples and love them and never make anything else with them than little flags or scarves to bind the wild hair and knot together dreads of young women.

and perhaps it is.=)

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Wildwood Tarot: the woman with the nine arrows



A woman stands alone in the forest. She gently strums a bow and arrow as though it were a musical instrument instead of a weapon. Her face is calm. Her eyes are downcast.

She has already seen the destruction that arrows can cause and has turned her back on all of them. No more pain. No more suffering. No more killing. Enough is enough for one lifetime. She now finds peace in solitude and pursuing her passions.

She respects the bow for it has given her the ability to survive in a harsh world. But now,  the time has come to teach it how to sing.

A Tale from our Modern World

It is midnight. I am by the ocean with an old friend. The black waves come and go. It is just us here. And that’s when I see an owl. I love them, you know.

“What happened tonight?” he asks…

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President Trump’s Weekly Address, April 21, 2017

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This is some very olde Majik as the bottle would hold a Majik Spell as long as the seal of the bottle remained unbroken

A small Spell Bottle could be held in ones pocket or hand bag for an important meeting ~ interview ~ or just protection to venture out into society

Once the Spell has been sealed within the bottle is would be buried on a person’s property or buried in a potted plant

It can also be placed discreetly within the homeThat decision will be up to you according to the Spell performed inside of it

In this bottle a Majik Spell has been cast in the form of physical items which are used to ensure that the Spell results in the desired outcomeYou can use a Spell Bottle for


You will need to put certain items in the bottle here are a few and I do ascertain you can figure out which items are for the good and which are for the evilCHARMS:

eye of horus
4 leaf clover
scarab beetle
seal of solomon
thor’s hammer
celtic knot/cross

barb wire
glass shards
bent and rusty nails
fish hooks
tangle of string
razor blades
lock of hair
nail clippingsYou do know what you want to accomplish with the person in mind and the type of Spell Bottle you want to put together so the ingredients are up to you…


You will need

1 cup soil from where your pet has walked
1 cup salt

1 bay leaf
1 tsp dill seed

1 tsp fennel seed
1 carnelian stone

1 glass bottle
1 white taper candle
1 stick pinFirst with the stick pin carve your pets name in the candle

Then layer the ingredients

Soil first
Salt second

…and so on just as they are listed

Don’t shake the ingredients in the bottle you want to see the layered ingredients

When all ingredients are in the bottle put on top inside the bottle the stick pin

Put the candle into the top of the bottle to seal it closedBurn the candle when it is convenient you don’t have to burn it down all at once

When the candle will not stay lit any longer the Spell will have been cast and sealed

Put the Spell Bottle near a place your pet spends most of his/her time to watch over them


SEA SALT: protection
CINNAMON: success and wisdom

SAGE: peace
BASIL: confidence


ROSEMARY: mental clarity

Yes…there may just come a time that the Spell sealed inside the Bottle will for whatever your reasoning is will need to be disposed of

Even though in the very most cases once a Spell Bottle is cast it stays put

But as we have learned in life something’s are not forever!

So perhaps the Spell is no longer needed maybe you have had a change of mind or you simply just want to put it to rest

Here are your options in disposal of a cast and sealed Spell Bottle

It can be buried in a graveyard

Thrown far far away into the forest

Puncture a hole in the top and let it sink deep down into a body of water

The Witches Spell Bottle can bring good fortune ~ a lovely surprise ~ and a whole lot of mischief especially if you’re lucky enough and brave enough to capture for yourself a Witch’s Finger as one of your dare devil ingredients…

Oh…and not just any finger it must be the left hand index finger of the Witch chopped off during the Night of the Dark of the Moon


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