WICCA_wiccan_witch_dark_occult_fantasy_religion_1920x1200-2Magick began to open this secret chamber of my mind

A chamber that gave me creative activity and a vivid imagination

I became more emotionally involved in my SpellWork holding in that chamber all the spells and secrets that would fit in

To work effectively I told myself I must believe I must believe I can cause things to happen with the power I hold within myself

Magick began to flow from the secret chamber of my mind into this mortal world I live in

The message I repeated to myself to my subconscious mind to a place of pure pleasure and a place of relentless pain…I want this to happen I want this to happen I want this to happen…

…and so it did!

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Goth Decor

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Goth Decor

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Witches are people too

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Creams, Lotions, and Salves.


Entangled Botanicals by Ashley November

Dry, itchy skin? Cuts, scrapes, infected wounds, or rashes? They can all be soothed and renewed with the healing nourishment of herbs applied in a moisturizing base – the realm of creams, lotions, and salves. Of course, your skin is your largest eliminative organ. It’s often exposed to the elements, and it’s somewhat delicate {no fur or scales to protect it!}. This means that it can take a beating from the weather and can be prone to wrinkling and drying. Because your skin breathes and eliminates toxins and other substances from your body, you may experience conditions such as rashes, acne, or boils as your skin releases these substances.

Creams, lotions, and salves are all marvelous ways to apply healing herbs to the thirsty, damaged or troubled skin, but they’re each formulated slightly differently.

Cream. A cream is a mixture of oil and water, with a little wax added for…

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Nail Care


Entangled Botanicals by Ashley November

Your fingernails are subjected to daily assault. Detergents, fingernail polish, glue for artificial fingernails, formaldehyde-based nail hardeners, and household chemicals are just a few of the attackers. You can protect your nails by wearing gloves while washing dishes or hand-washing clothes, and by avoiding contact with gasoline, paint, and other harsh chemicals. Nail polish, lacquers and especially nail polish remover are very drying to nails, often causing them to crack and split. If you use these products, choose formulas without formaldehyde and add half a teaspoon of castor oil to every ounce of an acetone polish remover to moisturize nails and surrounding skin.

Brittle nails that crack easily indicate possible dietary problems. Healthy nails need a sufficient amount of calcium, magnesium, protein and silica. Drinking a tea made of equal parts oat straw, nettle, and horsetail or taking capsules or tinctures of these herbs daily can improve your nails from the…

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The High Priestess


Alexandra Tarot

HighPriestess-b  “The way this woman saunters around, she can flaunt it all while revealing nothing.” (Balzac)

Unencumbered by conventions. Intuition. The power of mind over matter. Feeling not thinking. Knowing. A hunch. Holding back. Choosing when to speak. An enigma. Seemingly indifferent, but merely sensing.

The High Priestess and Love

For many, this is the most beautiful card in the tarot. If single, you are desired perhaps now more than ever in your life. You attract the love and admiration of others without seemingly having to try. However, it is your aloofness and detachment which intrigues them; you will not yield.

If in a partnership, you are deeply, mysteriously beautiful, but out of reach. You are mostly concerned with your own matters now.

The High Priestess and Work

You are erudite and intuitive, but will the rest of the team benefit from your knowledge? You will share what you know only…

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