black_white_smoke-wallpaper-1920x1200let’s tranquilize the atmosphere bring a calm to a troubled home

settle ruffled feelings and cause those within its sphere to become peaceful

this will be a joint adventure to ask for divine help in your lives

3 dried bay leaves (purify the soul)

a handful dried apple leaves crushed and crumbled (peace of mind – contentment – happiness)

9 dried gardenia flowers (stop strife)

pinch dried lemon zest (healing)

mix all ingredients into an incense bowl

make sure all is dried out well

get your group together sitting in a circle in the evening

place the incense mixture in the center of the circle on a small table

before lighting the incense let everyone introduce themselves telling a bit about themselves to the group

ventilate about what is troubling you

start talking

after all have had a moment to speak light the incense

then join hands

let it fill the air

breath it in

eyes closed keep your thoughts on some possible solutions

give your thoughts time to drift in the smoke of the incense

and feel the charge from the hands you hold

take your time…🌺

with thee and with each other we ask for guidance in our daily life so we may live together in love and in peace

afterwards enjoy together a lite meal talk about what thoughts and ideas drifted through your mind during the meditation of the incense burning

bring your family together

remember…the family who prays together stays together 🌺

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Daily Draw: IV God & Earth Master



Originally posted on The Muse's Darling:

Go within today. Examine your inner kingdom, your ways of doing things and thinking about things. Be clear about what you let yourself get away with and what needs to change. Be honest, and don’t be too hard on yourself: that can block growth just as much as being too easy on yourself can infantalize it. Concentrate. Focus. Seek symbols without to mirror what’s happening within. And don’t forget to be of service where you can. The world needs your action. The clearer you get within yourself about who you are and what you’re here to do, the better able you’re going to be to be of service to others who need you.


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Human Dustit dwells within me these tiny particles of the earth as I move thru the world

strewn about as the echo of the breeze scatters my dust with a touch of melancholy

what lies in this dust that settles on the surface so rich with curiosity

where does it go…

my sediments soon to sink to the bottom of time leaving behind a wealth of illusion

as I forget all the worlds troubles

earth to dust…is quiet and still

in a state of deep rest I am calm

the parts left over are my ashes blown to visit places unknown

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Lifelight Astrology 30th July – Once in a Blue Moon



Originally posted on Michelle McClunan:

moon child

Big news in the next couple of days and weeks folks.  First of all there’s the full moon on the 31st July, which is the second one this month, commonly known as a Blue Moon. Having two full moons in one month only happens about once every 2.7 years, hence the saying “Once in a Blue moon” .  This one certainly is even more potent than usual, with 6 planetary bodies now in retrograde motion.

It feels as though the planets are conspiring to sloooooow us right down, so that we can re-flect, re-assess and re-strategise our lives.

Two important planets turned retrograde this week, encouraging us to ask:

Uranus – What needs to change? Where are we stuck? Where are we afraid to be different?

Venus (retrograding back into Leo) – What do we really love and value? … and are we treating it with…

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Dancing with the Midnight Sun



Originally posted on Dorinda Duclos - Night Owl Poetry:

Rising in the darkness
The full moon lurks
Slowly giving light
To the blackened core
Of the deepest woods

Night creatures begin to stir
Awakening, they have slept
Through the brightness
Of the summer’s day

Rustling about in the brush
With the evergreens and fronds
In watering holes and ponds
They dance with the midnight sun

©2015 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: – original artist credited there.

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Daily Draw: XV Ecstasy & Twilight



Originally posted on The Muse's Darling:

Listen to the psychic as she says, “There is no knowing the future today.” Choose to be in today, in your life, awake and alive to whatever comes. Choose beauty. See the goodness, and let go of needing to know what comes next. A fool stares into the fog and misses the beauty behind her. So just let go of needing to know today and see today.


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Full Moon Magic: Consecration Oil



Originally posted on Greenwoman Studio:

This is an updated version of a post that originally appeared on my personal blog.

Two days before the full moon, the sage and rosemary are lush and vibrant, and the hyssop and vervain are in full bloom. It’s time to make an infused oil for consecration.

Sage in the Garden

I went out with a basket and shears, and gathered a basket full of green. I spread the herbs out on my workspace and breathed in the heady sharpness of the herbs.

As I stripped leaves and blossoms from twigs to fill my jar, my fingers grew sticky with resin. I entered an almost trance-like state, my vision full of green, my bare feet tingling on the hardwood floor. I often find myself in this state when I process fresh herbs, simultaneously deeply rooted and connected to another reality.

I poured olive oil from California over the fresh herbs in the jar. After…

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