Close grip: Melania, cautious in her high heels, kept her head down as the pair made their way down the stairs

First Lady Melania Trump wows the world again with her simple but sophisticated style.  Melania wore an off-the-shoulder, black lace gown to meet Queen Mathilde of Belgium at the Royal Castle of Laeken on Thursday evening after spending the afternoon at the Magritte Museum in Brussels with other NATO spouses.

Wearing another black dress, the former fashion model turned First Lady arrived in Sicily with Trump, their final stop, holding hands as they made their way down the steps of Air Force One after arriving at Sigonella Air Force Base on Thursday .

From Daily Mail:

Melania had changed into her third outfit of the day – a strappy black cocktail dress with matching pumps which sported a cheeky leopard print sole.

Earlier, she dazzled in Brussels as she met with other NATO spouses and stopped by a children’s hospital to visit sick patients.

Sicily is the final stop on the Trumps’ first…

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African Goddess Mala


Eternal Waking Beauties

“African Goddess Mala” by Eternal Waking Beauties

The History of Malas

Malas are Buddhist prayer beads. The most common Malas have 108 beads made of an array materials such as wood, Rudraksha seeds, shells, pearls, bone, saffron, gold, silver, copper, amber, and semi-precious stones. Depending on if you are trying to recite mantras, count your breaths, overcome obstacles, purify and cleanse, or increase abundance and prosperity different materials and number sequences are suggested.

It is often said that the mantra used for our intent does not have to be traditional. If we did not grow up speaking Sanskrit, then do not worry about memorizing 108 Tibetan mantras in that tongue. One of my gurus of sorts told me if I want peace and calm, then recite “peace and calm” with each passing bead. The purpose is to ingrain your intent into your subtle bodies by using repetition.

Stones and Properties

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Clearing Crystals Using The New Moon


Good Witches Homestead

New Moon’s are a great time to either-

  1. Clear and release built up energy in a crystal
  2. Charge the crystal up with positive vibes and manifestations

The New Moon is a time of releasing and new beginnings, making it the perfect time to clear your crystals of any old and stagnant energy.

Crystals absorb the energy that is around them, which is why it is always important to clear your crystal when you first receive it and after heavy use. This is especially true if you have been working with a crystal and have seen the manifestation occur in your physical life.

In fact, even if your crystal has just been sitting on your altar or shelf, it still has the potential to hold stagnant energy, so it must be cleansed every so often in order for it to do its best work.

Crystals that are not cleansed can be…

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New Moon Energy ~ The New Moon in Gemini


Good Witches Homestead

During the time of the New Moon in Taurus, we took our new beginnings, new plans, new projects, new directions and solidified them, made them more stable as they went through a time of growth, development, and greater establishment in the physical world. They’ve at least got a toehold and a chance to survive now.

You may have even rustled up some resources to make sure you can support them … and you for sure have laid some future plans on what kind of return on investment you want when finally you’ve brought them to maturity.

Now, of course, it’s time to build around this core, diversify, tell people what you think, pick their brains for nuggets of knowledge and new perspectives, and maybe do a little advertising.

That’s where Gemini energy comes in … and with the New Moon in Gemini comes a time of moving about both physically…

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