MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses humans have

Smell reacts without someone’s conscious knowledge or for that matter without someone’s conscious “will”

That scent is tied to a memory as it can bring pleasure or alert you to danger

Scents trigger a person’s instincts they automatically activate a response sometimes unknowingly and that’s why fragrant oils have a prominent place in WitchCraft

Here’s a few of my favorite homemade oil blends that are prepared on the night of the New Moon

{{Keep the recipes in your journal}}

Have on hand small glass jars with lids ~ eye dropper ~ labels


2 parts sunflower oil
2 parts orange oil
2 parts allspice oil
2 parts ambergris oil
5 pinches gold glitter


2 parts safflower oil
2 parts sandalwood oil
2 parts orange oil
2 parts pine oil
2 parts blue sonata
1 garnet
1 rubyherbal remediesMONEY OIL

2 parts apricot oil
2 parts cinnamon oil
2 parts clove oil
2 parts frankincense oil
1 small High John Root

The oil can be anointed on candles ~ blessed upon objects ~ burned with incense

Or as I use the oil…worn on my body in some very delicate places so I can trigger in his state of mind…a sensual come hither or perhaps a beware don’t come any closer or send out a magickal vibration that will invigorate ones mind as I just begin to prepare my magickally workings upon himGoth-3

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The Fruit of Duality: The Magick of Black Cherries


Elune Blue

The Fruit of Duality: The Magick of Black Cherries

The mysterious energy and deep purple beauty of black cherries is mesmerizing. They also carry latent and oftentimes overlooked magical powers.

Black Cherries can strengthen psychic power, divination, and intuition. Their energy is that of duality balance. Black cherries are also connected to the energies of longevity and immortality.

Learn more: The Magick of Black Cherries

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COTD 22.02.17: Going beyond..


Guinevere Fae


22.02.17 – Today’s COTD is O The Fool

Today is a good day to get out and about and feel the breeze on your face.  To look at nature and listen to the dawn chorus.  These can be uplifting and set you in the right mood for the day.

It’s also a day for taking a different path, one you’ve not trodden before.   To thrill in the adventure it may bring you, and the different sights you may see on it.

Doing something different can be refreshing in so many ways, we often become stale doing the same old routine.  So shake things up a little and widen your comfort zone, as you never know what is lurking beyond it.

Love Jennifer x

Illustrations from Book of Shadows Vol 2 by Barbara Moore, used with permission of Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy ©2013

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February 2017 Solar Eclipse



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The (new moon) solar eclipse will be happening on the 26th February 2017!

There is a strong emphasis to ground ourselves in this coming new moon. The Angels are beckoning us to stay rooted in safety. There may be instances when ‘fight or flight’ mode occur in the coming few days. For instance, some of us may take things too seriously and exaggerate the entire situation. Henceforth, please do take note of your emotions and breathe, dear ones. Breath is truly the life-force energy.

Root chakra is the first chakra, and if it were to be blocked, we may experience insecurity, fear and fatigue. On the contrary, if our root chakra were to be overactive, we may tend to express aggressiveness, frustration and restlessness.

In order to stay at the top of our game, the fairies are here to remind us of assertiveness. Indeed, there are many times that Earth Angels and light-workers tend to…

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Pisces New Moon Egg & Toy Spell #RavenWolf


Silver RavenWolf

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2017

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This month’s new moon is on Sunday, 26 February at 9:58 AM EST/6:58 AM PST.  An extremely exciting new moon because the Moon and Sun meet in Pisces, combining their energy to form “the big picture” of the year ahead.  This is will and emotion working as one – something that is rather difficult for all of us on a regular basis.  A very spiritual and artistic moon, your soul will glow if you tap into the smooth, sweet, dazzling energy of Pisces.  This is also – The Toy Moon!  I call it, the Poppet Moon (no, nobody else does – I made it up – you won’t find it in any research anywhere).
I don’t know if you have ever noticed?  But…Pisces People?  This would include folks with Pisces rising, a Pisces Moon or Mars placed in Pisces. …

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How To Make A Besom {Plan 1}


Good Witches Homestead

I thought that this would be a good time to share with you all how to craft your own Witch’s Broom, known as a Besom.

Technically speaking, a broom is the flat ended sort of object that we generally use for physical cleaning; while a Besom is a round shaped bunch of straw (or other plant material) bundled around the center handle, and is used to cleanse an area of negative energy, usually in the preparation of ritual or magickal work.

While you can buy a besom, and there are many lovely ones to choose from -it’s also pretty easy to make one of your own. The bonus of making it yourself is the addition of your own energy tied to its creation. Although the items that follow are for the more traditional style of besom, you can use nearly any types of branches and plant materials available to you…

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The Besom


Good Witches Homestead

The besom, or broom, is one of the main ritual tools of the witch and is sacred to both the Goddess and God.  The God – through its symbolic phallic shape, the Goddess – through its three-piece makeup, the shaft, the bristles and the binding cord, three being the triform aspect of the Goddess.  While besom and broom are two names used interchangeably, there is a small difference in their definition.  The brush of a besom is usually made of twigs and is, therefore, more rounded in shape, whereas the brush of a broom is primarily made of straw, which is flatter in shape. 

Traditionally a besom was made from three different kinds of wood, Ash for the shaft, Birch twigs for the bristles and Willow strands for the binding cord.  Ash is protective and has command over the four elements, Birch is purifying and draws spirits to…

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