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Good Question…

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Jenny Hatch BLOG

Nope. Nothing to see here.

Please, somebody… LOCK HER UP!

Full line of questioning from Congressman John Ratcliffe.

Jenny Hatch

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thegirlnextdoorLet’s create something to look forward to

Love is strong and produces strong emotions and energies

So throw out all the olde notions ~ cast off your burdens ~ and go right ahead and do whatever your heart desires magickally

The Heavens above are once again all perfectly aligned so my suggestion to you is to take advantage of it

30 September is a New Moon a perfect time to begin something

In my time zone (Eastern) it is also Friday the day of Venus the Goddess of Love

And that New Moon has recently arrived in the Zodiac sign of Libra with all that fresh Libra energy of love beauty and passion

You will need 2 red candles

Carve on the candles the names of the 2 people the Love Spell is for

Carve the names deep into the candles

Keep your thoughts on those 2 people even if one of them is you

What do you want from this person
How would you like to influence him/her
Set a clear goal for yourself


Set up an area with a red cloth and place the candles in holders next to each other on the red cloth

When night falls on the evening of the New Moon in Libra light the twin flames of both candles starting with the other persons first

Touch the strong feelings of love through all your senses

Begin with a thought of a simple level of attraction

Then visualize the beauty in what you want

Feeling the passion between you

Let the candles flames burn themselves out do not extinguish them or blow them out if you do the spell will be broken

If one or both of the flames mysteriously goes out on its own with no reasonable explaination why then the great force that surrounds us does not favor this union

As the night goes on your twin flames still burn together keep your thoughts on the Love Spell on the 2 being summoned together

FEAR NOT BE DANGEROUS…and excite the feelings of attraction you hold deep inside yourself its time to release your passionthegirlnextdoor

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Come here, pretty please, can you tell me where I am…?


Peedeel's Blog


Diary 23rd / 24th September

Astounding revelations that will hold you spellbound and make you breathe faster with new mental sensations…!

oh god it’s wonderful
to get out of bed
and drink too much coffee
and smoke too many cigarettes
and love you so much

oh, yes, yes – it is, it truly is…


Do you have a little voice in your head that tells you when you’ve gone too far? Yes? Well mine doesn’t do that anymore. Instead, it tells me to go that bit further! No more limits! None at all! Naughty little voice…


Like Antonin Artaud I have abandoned myself to the fever of dreams, in search of new laws, new possibilities. Ah, but to sleep so deeply – and then, perchance, encounter mademoiselle Lucifer…

What then?


Her hands were full of intent when they took hold of me. Subtle, featherlight touches of her…

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