SETH RICH INVESTIGATOR ROD WHEELER: “Follow the arrest of Awan closely. Connect the dots to “other” cases”



  • Seth Rich investigator Rod Wheeler: “Follow the arrest of Awan closely. Connect the dots to “other” cases. (hint, hint) Just the beginning. Stay tuned.”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz employed Pakistani IT staffers who were paid over $4 million dollars over the course of their employment even though they were accused of a cyber-security breach. Imran Awan was arrested as he attempted to flee the U.S. after wiring approximately $300,000 to Pakistan. His lawyer claims that the accusations of bank fraud are due to ‘anti-Muslim’ bigotry.

Now Seth Rich family’s private investigator Rod Wheeler posted an interesting tweet:

 Follow the arrest of Awan closely. Connect the dots to “other” cases. (hint, hint) Just the beginning. Stay tuned.

According to analysis by Washington Free Beacon, major cable news networks have given no coverage to the burgeoning scandal involving IT staffers to former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

There has been no mention…

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J.R. Salzman, an amputee Iraq War veteran, took to Twitter to defend Trump’s decision to ban transgender people in the military and the thread is going viral. Some highlights below:

  • “War is no place for people who are mentally, emotionally, or physically confused or in turmoil. You have your shit together, or you don’t.”
  •  Political correctness has absolutely no place in the military.”
  • Guys would literally snap over a dear John letter. Their personal issues came out and they were instantly combat ineffective.
  • Now take someone confused about whether they are a man/woman. Take those psychological and emotional issues and put them in that environment
  • Serving in the military is a privilege not a right. And it is sure as hell not a social experiment.
  • If you’re making this into an issue of identity politics & political correctness, then you’re kneecaping the military

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Blood & Chocolate – The Ancient Sacrificial Drink of the Aztecs

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Originally posted on The New City Witches Cocktail Coven:
Back, way back, way back in time, the ancient Aztecs used cacao seeds for spiritual and ceremonial purposes, as when sacrificial victims were given cacao drinks mixed with human blood in…

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Happy Home Spell


Angel Remedy



The pink candle in this Forgiveness Spell stands for unconditional love. The blue candle stands for peace and forgiveness.  To make the spell more powerfully you can put a picture of the two of you together in front of the two candles to enhance it’s impact.

The Forgiveness Spell can be used for lovers, friends, family members, or business collegues. It has its roots in the Obeah religion and is not only 100% safe but also highly effective. It will heal and remove any obstacles and pain between you and the other person, leading to harmony and forgiveness.

The Lily-of-the-Valley oil stands for peace and love that can manifest even if the situation seems so bad that it can never ever be healed.

Ingredients for the Forgiveness Spell

  • One pink candle
  • One blue candle
  • Lighter
  • Lily of the Valley oil

How to Cast the Obeah Forgiveness Spell

Anoint both candles…

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She warned the City where she lived not to chop down her beloved Tree for if they did the City would surely pay for its deed

The TownsPeople believed that the Tree was either Haunted or Cursed

Probably due to the legend attached to it

Well…as Folklore has it

The City did not heed to her warnings

And they chopped the Tree down

This was no ordinary Tree it had become the meeting place for the Witches to Conjure and Brew up whatever they pleasedA place of Shelter and Solitude

Wisdom and Knowledge

It taught a lesson equally powerful of Survival and Hope

They would hang Charms from the branches of the Tree

HorseShoe for Good Luck

Ribbons for the Summer Solstice

Pentagram for Protection

And in the SpringTime it still managed to bloom regardless of its age

The trunk of that Olde Tree bore the scars left behind by many of those who wrote upon it their tragedies and misgivings as well as it told a tale about loveThat Tree stood tall and stood on its own and became known as the Witches Tree

When the Autumn arrived you would find the Witches gathered underneath the Tree collecting the seeds that had fallen to the ground

The seeds secretly stored away

They say…

When the Tree was chopped down it did not die

Its Spirit still lived through its deep underground roots

The seeds contained it Heritage

So the Witches decided to plant the seeds they had stored away for safe keeping in order to one day be able to spread the Wisdom and Knowledge around from the Olde Witches Tree that taught them so much

The seeds were watered everyday and soon they took hold into the Earth and began to grow upKNOWLEDGE SPELL

As we have learned Trees are essential to our survival

Want to attract Knowledge to yourself

Add Wisdom into your Thoughts

Enhance your ability to Learn

Acquire Roots to this Earth


Begin to absorb the Lessons in Life we learnTOOLS

9 twigs around 5in-7in long from the largest and tallest Olde Oak Tree you can find

9in twine

3 purple candles

OAK TREE: is strength and wisdom as its deep roots penetrate deep into the UnderWorld and its branches soar to the sky

The Tree of Life

As the Druids put it…

“Knowledge of the Oak”

“Wise ones of the OakWood”

PURPLE CANDLE: creativity ~ wisdom ~ independence…and you may want to have some newspaper handy or else you can do this Spell outdoors

Once you have collected the Oak twigs prepare your work space

Light the 3 purple candles

Thoughts on gaining


Bundle up the twigs and tie them up tightly with the twine

Ask for what you want for what you are looking for in life

Drip the purple candle wax over the bundle of twigs

Each candle one at a time

Always keeping your mind focused on what you are doing

The wax will bind the twigs together

Let the wax cool down and dry then place the bundle in a quiet place for 3 days and 3 nights

Then plant the bundle outside 9in into the Earth near the Oak Tree that the twigs came from

Soon…in time you will begin to feel yourself growing in Wisdom soaring with Knowledge and your Roots planted firmly in the ground of life…and then came a fierce storm that tore through the City

Bolts of lightning
Twisted winds
Demon of darkness

Swirling around where a Tree once stood

They ran for shelter

All in a panic

And soon the streets of the City were completely empty

Not a soul in sight…

Folklore has it that no one would dare to plant anything in that spot where the Witches Tree once stood proud and tall

They say the storm swept the TownsPeople away never to be seen or heard from again

Exactly 13 months to the day after the Tree was chopped down they all just mysteriously disappeared

The Tree has become a sort of tourists attraction where remnants of the gnarled Tree still stands there today as a reminder of quite a creepy legend

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Step Inside the World’s Most Dangerous Garden (If You Dare) | Travel | Smithsonian


The Witches Gossip Corner

The Poison Garden at England’s Alnwick Garden is beautiful—and filled with plants that can kill you

Source: Step Inside the World’s Most Dangerous Garden (If You Dare) | Travel | Smithsonian

In 1995, Jane Percy became the Duchess of Northumberland, a county in northeastern England that stretches to the border with Scotland, after her husband’s brother died unexpectedly. With the title came the Alnwick Castle, the traditional seat of the Duke of Northumberland (it also served as the setting for Hogwarts in the first two Harry Potter films). After the family took up residence in the castle, Percy’s husband asked her to do something with the gardens, which at the time were a disused commercial forestry boasting nothing more than rows and rows of Christmas trees.

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Rose Petal, Frankincense & Myrrh Night Cream


Hearth Witchery

I love making creams. There is a kind of alchemy to it, when the oil and water emulsify and change into a creamy texture. The basic method is to prepare the oil part and the liquid part separately, before bringing them together. Most creams use a combination of pouring oils, such as grapeseed or almond, and more solid oils, such as coconut or shea butter. This is warmed separately to the ‘water’ part, which is warmed in a separate pan.  The water part is then dripped into the oil part very slowly, whisking constantly with an electric whisk until they are fully combined and emulsified. It is tricky, and the secret is to make sure that your oil mix and your water mix are the same temperature.

 10g beeswax

12 g cocoa butter or shea butter

50 ml rose petal infused oil [1]

15 ml benzoin tincture

30 ml…

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