President Trump’s Weekly Address, June 23, 2017

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4 drops palmarosa
1 drop chamomile
1 drop yarrow
1/8 cup jojoba oil

Blend this oil well

Drop and pour oils in a small glass bottle or jar with a tight fitting lid

Swish it around deosil 19x

Wear it as your own personal oil to increase your powers especially when doing SpellWorkMONEY BATH

To increase your finances

3 parts clove
2 parts cinnamon
1 part galangal

Fill the tub with warm/hot water

After you have mixed together the fresh herbs center them in a large square of cheesecloth

Tie up the ends and toss into the tub water

Soak in the tub water and feel the herbs energies mixing with your own all the while your thoughts are on advancing and growing your finances

And if you like…you may burn some incense and candles while you soakAs the New Moon just begins to peek out from between Planet Earth and the daylight glow of the Sun

We shall tonight be guided by the Stars in the Sky

Make it a time to begin to create your very own recipes

Mixing up what will become yours alone


2 parts rose petals
1 part jasmine flowers
1/2 part cinnamon

Mix and add 1 teaspoon to a cup then pour boiling water over it

Let it steep covered for a few minutes strain and drink while it’s hot!

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Water Blessing Ceremony: New Moon In Cancer


Definitely Diana, Ashley And Vivian

Today, June 23rd,  at 7:31 pm PST (10:31 EST) the Moon will move into her darkness under the sign of Cancer. This is the day that the Moon rises with the Sun and is too close to the sun’s glare to be visible with the eye. This Cancer Moon is here to guide you into feeling your potential and helping you to re-orient yourself to your highest work and purpose. Time to plant your seeds of intention under her New Moon energy.

Cancer, a water sign, is ruled by Grandmother Moon. Moon in Cancer reconnects us with our oceans of emotions and so we may find ourselves feeling more deeply or with a heightened sensitivity. Cancer is the sign of the archetypal mother, our own mothers as well as the Great Mother Earth. Under this New Moon in Cancer, we can also find many other planets positioned in water…

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African Plant Extract Offers New Hope for Alzheimer’s


Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

A plant extract used for centuries in traditional medicine in Nigeria could form the basis of a new drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease, researchers at The University of Nottingham have found.

Their study, published in the journal Pharmaceutical Biology, has shown that the extract taken from the leaves, stem, and roots of Carpolobia lutea, could help to protect chemical messengers in the brain which play a vital role in functions including memory and learning.

The tree extract could pave the way for new drugs to tackle patient symptoms but without the unwanted side-effects associated with some current treatments.

The study was led by Dr. Wayne Carter in the University’s Division of Medical Sciences and Graduate Entry Medicine, based at Royal Derby Hospital. He said: “As a population, we are living longer, and the number of people with dementia is growing at an alarming rate. Our findings suggest that…

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How to Brew Herbal Sun Tea


Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Cool down with delicious, thirst-quenching herbal sun tea. Follow a few simple steps to enjoy a variety of refreshing flavors that are perfect for front porch sipping. Solar tea has never tasted so good.

Fresh organic herbs produce healthier, more refreshing teas, so pick your ingredients straight from the garden or buy from a local grower. All you need to make solar tea is a quart canning jar (good for preserving the herbs’ fragrant oils and properties), water, coarsely cut herbs of choice and sunshine.

To start, toss a half cup to 1 cup of fresh herbs into the canning jar. With practice, adjust this amount to suit your taste and the plants’ nature. Add water, a lid, and a few shakes. Place the jar where it will receive full sunlight, such as on a rooftop, open field or driveway. If possible, give the mixture a couple more shakes throughout…

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COTD 23.06.17: Cleansing…


Guinevere Fae

Ace Cups - 5 Swords23.06.17 – Today’s COTD is the Ace of Cups & 5 of Swords

How freeing it can be when what has been troubling us is set finally set free.  The relief it brings can cause an overflow of emotions with it.

To release negativity from our minds, and the tension we hold in our bodies can leave us feeling drained yet invigorated, ready to do battle from a fresh perspective.

This clarity can help us channel our energy flow in the right direction, one which can bring more enlightenment to our journey, and keep our emotions from blocking up and stagnating as they enjoy the freedom to flow more freely.

Letting the water flow to wash clean the weapons we have been wielding, readies us and steadies us, for our next adventure in life.

Love Jennifer x

The Shadowscape Tarot by Barbara Moore and Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ©2007, and Legacy of…

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Obama WH photographer Pete Souza posts a photo of Obama, Comey, and Mueller.

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