Get 3 small empty clear glass bottles or jars with lids or corks

In the wild find 2 small bird feathers on the ground and 1 dandelion puff ball while you’re walking in a park beach or simply walking down the street or in your backyard

Find them anywhere just as long as they are not store bought

The feathers symbolizes flying so your wish can have 2 wings just like a bird and begin to take off

The dandelion shows warmth and power of the rising sun as we make our wish upon its puff ball of seeds so that wish can start to grow

Take everything home with you

Place the bird feathers one in each jar and seal them with the lids

Take the dandelion puff ball close your eyes and make your wish

Then very gently blow the seeds off of the dandelion with your wish in your thoughts onto to a tableGather the seeds up and put them in the 3rd empty jar and lid it

Place the 3 jars together side by side in a room in your house that you spend a great deal of time in so you can keep a watchful eye over your wish

As a reminder repeat your wish 3x everyday

Keep your wish always in your mind

Feel what it will be like when your wish comes true

How it will improve your life

Help you in your daily living

Believe in yourself and that your wish will happen

For then and only then what you wish for shall come to you

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DIY Poppets w/ FREE Template!


☽ Witch On A Budget ☞

love-poppets [Image Descriptions: Three handmade poppets in white, black, and hot pink.|| Buy Them Here]

As children, many of us had that one sacred object, that inanimate companion that used to provide us a sense of warmth and security. Though at times we did not understand how or why, these toys brought us comfort when we needed them to and made us feel safe when we held them close.

In our own way, we were employing the use of poppet magic, a sort of sympathetic magic that involves the use of dolls (which are usually representative of actual people, protective spirits, or deity). We were imbuing these toys with love energy, similar to the way people would imbue fetishes, muùequitas, corn husk dolls, and other such figures and talismans with magickal energy for ritual workings.

Contrary to the popular characterization of Voodoo as evil or sinister, “voodoo dolls” actually weren’t created with the intent to cause harm to others. In fact, they were…

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A Modern Witch’s Guide to the Magic of New Orleans


Moody Moons

A growing interest in pagan travel inspired me to start my latest category, aptly titled Pagan Travel.

In this series, I hope to share with you my experiences in exploring local traditions around the world from my perspective as an interfaith witch.

From festivals to small, street corner shrines, my interest in local religions feels innate.  The passion, beauty and spectacular diversity of spiritual expression across cultures has left me breathless, mesmerized, and sometimes moved to insight.

My trip last month to New Orleans refreshed this sense of wonder.

a modern witch's guideIMG_1354
Nowhere does local religious tradition thrive more colorfully than in what has perhaps become my favorite city in the US.

Naturally, we had go on a ghost tour.  No matter how you feel about spirits, or cheesy, theatrical ghost tours, or what your thoughts are on the afterlife, no one should pass up the opportunity to follow a local around…

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A Spell to Ward Your House


Witchery Wednesday


Helpful when moving into a new space, on occasions when things just don’t feel quite right, or as an infrequent protective boost.

Using an elemental elixir*, paint a three inch horizontal line above windows, and a five point star above doors, chimneys, and other openings.  Begin the spell at the topmost floor of your house, and end with the door or entry that you use most often.  As you work the spell, you can chant the following to help you focus your intention.

This is my home
Here I rule
This is my space
Here you are mine
Neither harm nor hurt
Shall enter here
Now, or forever more

*To make the elemental elixir:

We’re not usually big on vagueness, but because this really needs to be specifically tailored to you, we don’t feel it’s right to dictate which specific plants or oils to use for this working.  Additionally, there…

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A Simple Wishing Spell


The Witch & Walnut

blowRemember growing up and blowing out the candles on your cake and everyone shouted “make a wish”? This is kinda like that.

This is a very easy spell, no fancy curios needed here. All you need is:

  1. candle – med sized pillar candle that will burn out in a few hours.
  2. plate
  3. small knife and tooth pick
  4. matches or lighter

Take your candle in your hand an think about your one wish. Really think about it, how does it feel, what does it look like, close your eyes tight like you did when you were a kid and imagine clear as day in your third eye. Feel yourself smile and glow from the inside, know that it is true and it is happening. Marinate in that feeling for a minute.

Now take your knife or toothpick and start inscribing your candle in an upwards motion towards the wick. Write your…

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Elemental Earth Meditation


Cunning Witch

Meditating with Earth can be as simple as sitting outside under a tree or as strenuous as spelunking into the deepest caves.

My favorite way to meditate with the Earth Element is to go outside and sit with my back against a tree. I close my eyes, place my hands upon the earth and dig my fingers in.

I imagine all of the day’s drama, stress and upset draining from my body into the Earth. I feel all of the negativity slipping away from me. As the last bit flows out of my body, I pause for a moment and breathe deeply, smelling the rich aroma of the soil around me.

With my fingers still digging into the earth, I imagine drawing up from the core of my Mother Earth. I feel the heat reaching of through the ground into my fingers, up through my spine all the way to…

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The Hawk Prince


Silver Moon Healing

Card of the day ❤️ The Hawk Prince. The hawk prince comes with good news. He flies into your life to alert you that a message is coming to help you manifest your destiny. Expect a phone call, letter, email, or conversation that lets you know the next step to take towards your greatest good, or to tell you that you’ve arrived at an important stage along your path. Have a wonderful day! 🌸


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