Forest WitchI move through this forest with a touch of melancholy a tear of loneliness and a madness of illusion

I am rich in curiosity
Sweetened with passion
Quenched by life

“Sometimes I am terrified of my heart of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants…
The way it stops and starts”


Shall I want to escape from this place…

Break all the rules

Leave behind my romantic relationship with this magickal forest

Give up what it means to be fully alive

A spirit unshackled to flourish
A soul seduced into dreams
My heart free to love

A place where this forbidden path of mine suffers no consequences

Listen to the trees the wind count the stars in the sky for this is the Witch’s World

Be silent Be still…my dear…feel the magick and surrender yourself to me…♠

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I Am A Warrior Witch

Originally posted on The Maiden And The Stag:

“The two worst strategic mistakes to make are acting prematurely and letting an opportunity slip; to avoid this, the warrior treats each situation as if it were unique and never resorts to formulae, recipes or other people’s opinions.”
– Paulo Coelho

For the past few weeks my life has been changing drastically. (Finding your true self and finding out who your celestial parents are can take a toll on anyone.)  While some people get lost in the analogies of movies, novels and myth, I understand myself to be a story writing itself.  A reflection, yes.  An echo, of course.  But while others may carry the burden of wyrd as the predetermined, inherited curses and blessings of their ancestors. Let’s see.  I am a warrior.  I am headstrong, tenacious,rebellious, stubborn and intelligent. I’m a bit dangerous.  After all, there is nothing more dangerous than one whom cannot be swayed by fear…

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Mother’s Night Tea



Originally posted on The Forest Witch:

Mother's Night

A delicious, cider-like tea for sharing with your Disir, or to warm up after the cold outside.

The honeybush and apple really compliment each other, bringing out the fruit flavours of both, whilst still lending that honey-like flavour of the honeybush to the tea.
With this, cinnamon and ginger bring a sweet, warm deepness to the cup.

Cozy up with a good book and your family as you sip this tea that reminds us of home, and the women who provided home for us.

You can find Mother’s Night tea in my shop, The Forest Witch.

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Frost & Snowdrops and Beneath the Stars



Originally posted on Jennifer's Handmade Soap:

Snow anyone? Okay, so I’m not quite ready for snow either, but I really like the look of these.

I was playing around with a technique here. It didn’t work quite how I was hoping, but I’ll probably play around with it some more after the winter season is over.

Frost & Snowdrops: a romantic musk & sandalwood background, while providing the aroma of delicate winter flowers.

Frost and Snowdrops (19)

This turned out better than I thought!  I didn’t realize that the blue would morph.  When I cut it it was green! Luckily it went back to blue…not quite the same color I started with, but hey it’s blue!!!

Beneath the Stars: An enveloping blend of grape, peach and plum with sparkling citrus, rose and musk.

Beneath the Stars (13)

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…as for NYC

Lovely 💗 it’s in the air 💗

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this day in crime history: november 27, 1934



Originally posted on Nobody Move!:

On this date in 1934, Lester Gillis, better known as George “Baby Face” Nelson (and don’t even think about calling him “Baby Face” to his baby face) died after being shot by FBI agents near Barrington, IL. Nelson was shot multiple times in a gun battle that also resulted in the deaths of FBI Inspector Samuel Cowley and Special Agent Herman Hollis. Nelson’s body was later found in a ditch, wrapped in a blanket.

Further reading:

FBI History – “Baby Face” Nelson

Crime Museum – Baby Face Nelson

Wikipedia – Baby Face Nelson

FBI Hall of Honor – Samuel P. Cowley

FBI Hall of Honor – Herman E. Hollis

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Softly I will fade



Originally posted on Geetha Balvannanathan's Blog:

Softly I will fade

26 November 2015

softly mymodernnet com

Releasing the task

Multiplication resumed

Frame taken over

Morrows will beckon

To new guests in the banquet

My flesh to consume

Bread for the party

Bejewelled distribution

Casket of glory

softly deviantart com federico-bebber-2

The evenings spent fast

Making the merry of host

Canticles for wine

softly mymodernnet com federico bebber

Lavish and wondrous

In pursuit of the honey

A feast for the numb

Eating out the core

A basket of apples juiced

Into oblivion

Softly I will fade

As summer breathes its last dew

Upon yellow leaves

softly pinterest com

All images courtesy except the last courtesy The beautiful ladies in mist are courtesy Federico Bebber published on

Lake of Tears – Forever Autumn

Lake of Tears – So fell Autumn rain

Lake of Tears – When my sun comes down

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