Graduation magic WPC week 191practically I study magick
experiment upon the moon
learning how to use each gadget
shake the pouch of witches rune

writing in my journal
conjure up a spell or two
brewing some delightful herbs
words of what I have learned to do

secret is this perfect night
we all gather here to celebrate
passing witchcraft 101
time has come to graduate 💋

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jinxx ♠ xoxo

Originally posted on Kit Perriman:

StyxI crossed over in the night for the very first time –

just floated serene and lonely

on coffee-brown water that lapped at my raft, unfelt.

I was not so much frightened as stricken with awe –

full of no earthly sensation

but the rushing of time, propelling me on and on.

Then at some exact moment –  the slate horizon

cracked like a splintering egg-shell

and strange orange light bled through the fissures of dark.

It is not yet my time.

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Herbs – Rue


jinxx ♠ xoxo

Originally posted on The Haunted Fate:

Rue (Ruta graveolens), also known as Herb of Grace or Common Rue, has been captivating my attention lately. It has many magical uses and it is an excellent addition to mojo bags and spells of protection. I have often used Rue water and leaves for just such things, but lately I find myself wanting to explore this herb more deeply.

For instance, Rue can also be used to bring weath. In Helping Yourself with Selected Prayers, there is a wonderful prayer to be used along with rue tea which is then sprinkled over your threshold and around the house. I couldn’t wait to try this and must say it proved very successful.

If you find that you have difficulty growing your own, Mountain Rose Herbs is a great supplier of organic rue. The Flower Essence Society has a very in depth look at the herb for further information.www.morguefile.com


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jinxx ♠ xoxo

Originally posted on spiralsojourn:

The true meaning of life is Connection. Humans are so busy trying to control the planet rather than simply be a part of it. Completion and fulfillment is simply found in connection. Nothing is an island unto itself…not even an island.

Depression and mental illness is at an all-time high due to lack of connection between people and within individuals. We need connection to thrive, learn and evolve. We need connection with the Divine and Spirit the way a plant needs sunlight and water to grow. We need connection with other living beings the way a plant needs soil to be grounded and nourished. On a cellular to macrocosmic level-the Universe is all about CONNECTION.

And how can we reconnect you may ask? First, reach out and be kind to others in a selfless way. A kind word, unexpected call, smile, hug, act of charity, etc. all provide quick and…

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The Wild Hunt


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Originally posted on The Hound's Way:


Deep in the night
When the sleeping ones sleep
Travel alone
To the darkest of groves
The owls will speak
And prey will shriek
If one listens within
Baying hounds come from without
The violent wind gusts
With the tempest horses rush
Riding ever near
Horns blow with might
Thunder pounds in your ears
Join us they say
You who are brave
The Rider has come
Spear dripping with blood
A sacrifice he demands
Blood from your veins
Without fear you must give
To be one with him
You saddle the horse
To join the ride of The Huntsman
The truth of our souls
Ecstasy unbound
Trepidation unknown
Yet those who show fear
Will never return
Haunted forever
As god’s eyes will burn
Deep in the night
If you hear the horns and the hounds
A decision must be made
To be free or be chained
To join us

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Daily Draw: Four of Swords, The Volva


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Originally posted on The Muse's Darling:

Today’s draw is about going within in search of Mother wisdom, that deep kind of knowing that we’re all born with but that many of us get separated from for whatever human reasons. Be clear in your seeing. Don’t be misled by the views and chatter of Patriarchy and how Mother is seen by it (or maybe even how the Sacred Masculine is portrayed in the material world by Patriarchy)–it’s not based on an accurate representation of the real power of the Feminine. There is truth buried within you, and you need to go find it. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are feeling this very personally today: we have never felt very close to the Sacred Feminine and we were thinking just yesterday how much comfort we derive from the Masculine expressions of the divine. We don’t go to the Mother for comfort or wisdom. But today’s draw is a…

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1624104I am but a frail thread
formless flesh among the ruins
tarnished with deep wounds
drunk from the chalice of life
as my withered dust blows across the earth ♦

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