It has been a time to marvel, a time that every moment was just perfect, perhaps a bit too perfect, every night enjoyment of elegance, dancing, wonderful food and drink, romance, yes sinful romance, a vision of temptation, a fantasy to fill any girls dreams, but now it is time to somehow leave Warlockville and return to my Haunted House.

My spell book, left behind for I did not have the chance to retrieve it, my entrance into Warlockville was all so sudden and without my knowledge that I was about to be swept away.

What’s a girl to do?

I could use a little Hocuspocus about now!

So I shall make my move tonight just before the bewitching hour and to only my secret, for the Warlock Sebastian shall not know for he may try to interfere and put a halt to my spell to return me back home to my Haunted House.

The night begins with music of class, fireplace roaring with flames, and some kind of elixir in a Chalice of Gold. I think not to that, it may be an elixir of trouble and then my return home would be thwarted. Cannot take that chance, I must return home.

Now, think, think, think…what is the words to the spell of return?

Without my Spell Book handy, I must remember by thought.

Sebastian enters the room,and even without the drink of elixir, it is still to my difficulty to resist him. He’s too bold, he’s too smart, he’s too gorgeous, and I shall not look into his eyes, they will trance me.

What are those words? Think, jinxx, think.

return me, no no no, that’s the spell to get me out of the clutches of you know who, that man who dresses in red, who lives down there, where it is hot all the time, it may be Florida!

Oh no, here comes Sebastian, I cannot find myself in his arms, his grip, for then I may never return home.

I move about the room, Sebastian follows me every step, every step, he follows and follows me, I believe Sebastian my realize something is up.

I turn to glance at his fellow Warlocks entering the room. They are all surrounding me in their circle.

If I ever needed Hocuspocus, if I ever believed in Hocuspocus, the time is now. The words, the words, to the spell of homeward bound. What are the words?

The Warlocks encircle me, chanting, chanting, chanting…

Candles of Red are lite for passion, the fire blazes, the chanting gets louder










over and over, the circle of Warlocks, make me spin, and spin, the words louder and louder.

I’m beginning to feel dizzy, to feel faint, I may loose control. The spell, the spell to return me home, I must find the words.

To my home I must go

Hocuspocus I do know

Return me now or I will stay

In Warlockville but not today

poof poof hocuspocus….


just in time…now that was a bumpy ride but just in time, it feels good to be back home, not a moment too soon to get out of the clutches of Sebastian the Warlock and his fellow Warlocks and Warlockville.

Back home to Hocuspocus the Haunted House.

What you don’t believe, that there is a real Hocuspocus…

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Oh, it’s real and you gotta believe!

jinxx xoxobook of spells


now you may wonder if I’m real!


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