Or ever the Silver Cord be loosed
The Golden Bowl be broken
The Pitcher be broken at the Fountain
The Wheel be broken at the Cistern
Than shall the Dust return to the Earth as it was
And the Spirit shall return to the Goddess who gave it

The decorations of the Circle and Alter for a Requiem is of individual taste, depending upon circumstances, time of year or season and the character of the one being remembered.

But placed upon the Alter is an Earthenware bowl, a Silver Cord tied to it, a hammer or gavel for breaking the bowl, and a cloth to break the bowl in.

Legend has it that Jewels and a Veil of Black are laid ready on the Alter for the Goddess and a Crown for the Lord of the UnderWorld.

After the Alter has been decorated, the Circle in place, all Celebrants enter and a slow spiral dance, widdershins, is preformed, slowly inwards, not closing in too tightly.


Today we meet in both sadness and joy
We are sad for a chapter has closed
Yet we are happy
A new chapter may begin
We meet to mark the passing of our beloved one
May she/he rest free from illusion or regret
Until the time has come for her/his rebirth to this WorldGothic Deat


The Silver Cord is untied, the cloth is wrapped around the Bowl and is broken with the hammer or gavel, the unfolded cloth with the pieces of the Bowl in it and the gavel are placed besides the Alter.

The dance begins once more, doubling back deosil to unwind the spiral, until it is once again a Circle, always moving deosil.


But to be reborn, one must die
And be made ready for a new body
Without Love, you may not be born
Ever inclineth to love, mirth and happiness
She guardeth She cherisheth
And in death She teacheth the way to Her communion
And even in this World She teacheth them the mystery of the Magick Circle
Which is placed between the Worlds
Mortal and Spirit


Share in the Feast of Wine and Cakes
And let us remember our sister/brother
With whom we have so often shared
And with this communion, we lovingly place our sister/brother in the hands of the UnderWorld


The wine and cakes are concencrated and passed around

After the Requiem, the pieces of the Bowl are ritually thrown into a running stream or river, with the traditional command:

Return to the elements from which thou camest


the Requiem Bowl is one that is linked with the individual

The running water is a time honoured ritual of disposal


Life and Death part of this World

jinxx xoxo


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