tmp_CAM05676-1963388703facing starvation during the harsh winter, a young woman and her mother became increasingly desperate for food

the young woman slipped into the forest to search for nature’s last scraps

she dug into the crisp snow, looking for roots, she shook off branches hoping to find frozen berries, she tried anything that might sustain them but the landscape was as depleted as her cupboard

just as the young woman was beginning to lose all hope…

the scent of sweet porridge filled the air, she ran towards the source to discover an old woman eating porridge from a large iron pot


please, may I have some of your porridge? I’m rather famished and fear I won’t have the strength to walk back home to my sick mother, she’s waiting for me in our cottage, please?

the old woman replied, since you asked so nicely, take the whole pot, take it home to your ailing mother, she is sure to improve with a steady diet of hearty porridge

just say, please, whenever you are hungry and the pot will magickally cook as much porridge as you want

when you’ve had your fill say the other magick words and the pot will stop cooking


overjoyed, the girl thanked the old woman and set out quickly dragging the cumbersome pot back home

the old woman proved correct about the qualities of the porridge and her sickly mother was fast improving

the young woman cooked porridge in the enchanted pot three times a day, asking only for as much as they needed

one day, as the young woman was gathering firewood, her mother decided she was well enough to fix her own porridge, she had seen her daughter start cooking several times, so she walked confidently to the pot and said, please, she ate until she was content but the porridge kept coming


okay, said the mother, that’s enough, no more porridge, stop!

but it kept coming, until the entire cottage was filled with porridge

by the time her daughter returned, porridge was flowing from the windows

I’m sorry, dear, I didn’t know what to say to make it stop!

that’s okay, mother, just say, thank you

and with that the porridge ceased to flow

the duo spent the better part of the next three days eating their way back into the cottage, but they did not mind in the least, they were grateful for everything they had!



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