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The amazing and inspirational saga of the legendary Four Thieves occurred sometime between the 14th and 18th centuries

The European Plague began in Constantinople in 1347

Their exploits reputedly took place in various parts of what are now France, Italy and Spain

And this is the gist of their legend

When the Plague, also known as the Black Death, the Bubonic Plague and Spanish Influenza, ravaged the land, it decimated families, leaving barely a household without the loss of loved ones

And yet, a group of thieves seemed immune, robbing graves as well as slipping from home to home to carry off valuables, seemingly untouched by this deeply contagious sickness

The thieves strangled dying victims, all while merrily looting and pillaging

Eventually, however, the thieves grew too bold and were apprehended in the act

A Judge offered the thieves a deal, a sort of plea bargain because the Judge was so astonished by their ability to avoid illness, this in exchange for surrendering their secret

The thieves quickly agreed and divulged the information:

they had used antibacterial herbs that had been steeped in vinegar for at least 10 days

a cloth soaked in the mixture was tied over each thief’s nose and mouth

their clothing was doused too and they drank a bit of the vinegar

Since those long ago days, up into the present, Witches swear by the Four Thieves remedy, claiming it has the power to stave off serious contagious illnesses, like the flu

A University study of Four Thieves Vinegar determined that the ingredients did have anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities

apple cider vinegar combined with raw honey, which in modern folk remedies was inspired by Four Thieves, taking a regular dose can enhance the immune system, promote longevity and stave off illness

Four Thieves is used to cross a foe or getting someone to move away

Four Thieves Spells:
write the name of the person you wish to move away on parchment paper and place the paper inside a small bottle containing Four Thieves Vinegar

toss the sealed bottle into moving water, river, stream, down a gutter, the ocean, this will cause the person to follow the bottle with his name on it wherever it may go

to get someone to leave you alone, dampen salt with Four Thieves Vinegar, save it until the one who is bothering you visits your home or you encounter them on the street

as they leave your presence, sprinkle the treated salt secretly behind their back as they walk away

repeat this process each time you see the unwanted one, you will find the unwelcomed one or visits will cease
3 pints apple cider vinegar, unpasteurized

1 clove diced garlic

3 ounces finely chopped fresh ginger

1 teaspoon each
lemon peel
rose hips

1 teaspoon camphor (not synthetic)

mix all ingredients and store in a lidded glass bottle or jar for at least 2 weeks

strain and reserve the liquid for use

either sprinkle a few drops on the hands and face or drink a teaspoon daily in a glass of juice or water or whatever you prefer, you may add a tablespoon of raw local honey if desired

Oh, and as Folklore has it, that after the Four Thieves gave up their secret, you see the Thieves thought that they were going to be acquitted and set off to freedom, well, the towns people decided to “mercifully” hang them!

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