I took a walk down to the beach late this afternoon, I have a few people who came knock knock knocking at my door asking for help, each one looking for something different from the other

I was hoping to find stones, about the size of a quarter, so I can prepare a Charm for each one and it turned out to be the most perfect day on the beach for stones

The stones are absolutely beautiful, just the right size for easy carrying in your pocket and most importantly flat and smooth so I can write on them tmp_CAM05862-2111012257

I always look for the stones I use on the beach, Atlantic Ocean, the stones have lived in the salt water which has cleansed them and purified and when the Ocean is finished with the process they are washed ashore

So when it comes time for the “hocuspocus” the magick enters the stone, with no rejection, with a positive ease and energy, the natural salt water accomplished that for me and the stone has never been around negativity, it’s pure right out of the Ocean tmp_CAM05841-1038767869

Each Charm is individually made just for that person, with only that person in mind and his/her intention at hand and therefore the power of the Charm is useless to another

I also took home 2 large shells, I’m sure I’ll find something to use them for and a few tiny shells
Just a lovely day for searching on the beach…

The waves were rolling in…the wind was swirling…sun’s warmth all around

As the tranquility of the day slowly comes to a close…

But beware as the night draws near…when all changes…and the magick will at last begin…

jinxx xoxo



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