With festivities moving outdoors, let’s gather together in a spot where the full moon can be clearly seen for family and friends to enjoy an evening of storytelling and poetry all while basking in the silver rays of the moon

Telling stories to chill you right down to the bone, scary stories that will be enhanced by the glow of the moon and the shadows it cast through the trees, sounds of the unseen night

You can make an area in your own backyard with simple lawn or lounge chairs and in the center a small pit hearth fire, serve drinks and snacks, while the storytelling goes on

Or your group can also gather by a lake or a stream so the light and beauty of the full moon can be appreciated, not just in the sky but also as it reflects on the water

And it can be a blanket laid on the ground and again with offerings, food and drink, so that the moon itself can partake of the gifts

Tell stories in your gathering whether the stories are made up, or stories of family or group heritage, about life’s ups and downs, read poetry or tell the story of the headless horseman

Pot Luck…have everyone bring a dish of food and share in the array of the cuisine

Rotate locations, my place this month yours next month or the beach or woods other months

Make it an easy gathering and a delightful monthly ritual during the full moon, something everyone will look forward to as you build and strengthen your relationships while you enjoy and feel nature all around you

Breathe in that evening air, look around you and take it all in with delight, light candles for an enchanting nighttime glow or bring oil lamps, burn incense for a lovely intoxicating scent to fill the evening breeze…make it a night to remember!

And don’t forget to leave a bit of your food and drink behind as an offering to the moon and the earth

jinxx xoxo


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