handwritten invitations given to the guests…the place date and time to the invited victorian society always sending your RSVP

an elegant afternoon with some of the most delightful treats and some of the most unusual people as they begin to arrive


greetings at the door as introductions begin by the etiquette of our gracious hostess

she circulates the drawing room to tend to her guests offer refreshments and a bit of chit chat

the tea table so invitingly delicious to the eyes catered with fresh fruit~plates of finger sandwiches~bonbons along with pastry and scones
a proper gathering of friends as you hear the soft clinking of the family’s heirloom fine china

the afternoon is bright and sunny as one can feel the pulse of spring

an open fire radiates warmth through the sitting room where those enjoying the afternoon tea sit to taste the delicacies from the tea table as the fireplace takes the chill away and the tea soothes the body

plates with a sampling of traditional treats are savored as one can be seen stirring her tea with a teaspoon!

good conversation and laughter fills the room along with a bit of gossip classic_interior_design
linen napkins unfolding as they are placed upon the lap taking the time to enjoy life’s simpler pleasures sipping afternoon tea

most choose the highly prized rose tea’s delicate balance and flavor known to be good for the skin and the soul

…”drye roses put to ye nose to smell do comforte the braine and the harte and quencheth sprite”…


a wonderful tonic for the mind the rose buds are harvested in the fall and dried in the sun and back in the day prescribed for sore throats
the guests move along to the next room to play some parlor games where the afternoon continues on with much delight

the afternoon tea has revived itself as a way to entertain~have a formal affair such as a wedding or birthday party or as simply a gathering of friends and family

any enticing edibles and luscious desserts can be prepared usually something fitting to your theme

giving your guests an array of teas to choose from a punch bowl of lemonade salted nuts all taken place scattered between the rooms of the house as etiquette reins

proper attire gives you the excitement of dressing up

at any victorian tea party it is a must to have manners…


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