Mysterious Girl

ever feel the evil eye is following you around or perhaps someone placed a curse upon your head

bring confidence and goodwill back into your life and your space of existence

on a friday evening after there is no sign of light from the sun left to the day get a pint size jar with a lid

fill the jar almost full with fresh water ✴ 9 drops of gardenia oil ✴ 3 pinches of fresh mullein herb

put the lid on tightly and gently shake

set this jar in the window sill for 3 nights

on the 4th night open the jar and sprinkle the uncrossing water in every corner of your home and if need be work area

make sure no one sees you doing this

you can also add 2 tablespoons to your bath water and take a nice long leisurely soak

after your bath dap a few drops on your arms legs and chest

before leaving your house drizzle a drop or 2 in your socks or shoes and walk with happiness knowing that no one can stop your feet from treading their dust Pink Shoes


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