SONY DSCstacking the wood one by one twigs leaves brooms and bones the wind begin to rise the fire intensifies dancing around a toss of witches salt strong flames to be kindled…ripe in the air is witchery
flames rise higher
wish spell desire
dark night inspire
ritual spring bonfire
pieces of small parchment paper inscribed with words of wishes folded 3x tossed into the flames as wish offerings to be granted

bundles of herbs and fresh flowers to sweeten the evening air burn in glory of the return of the sun

circle around fan the flames of passion a heat you can feel as the magick heighten

handfuls of witches salt tossed in release all negative influences let them be consumed in the flames

bones and brooms burn…

tremble as the living fire is unlocked the air is ripe with witchery 🔥

after the bonfire completely cools go back to the now extinguished flames and collect the cold ashes

mix the ash with sea salt 3 small pinches dried lemon zest and dried sage grind together in your mortar and pestle

keep the salt in a lidded vessel

this blend of witches salt is used for calling spirits bringing in the sights of the future


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