very_berry_strawberry-wallpaper-1920x1200it came from the energy of my mind I could see a field draped in red resting gently in early summer

romantic and sensual was this field as I could feel the energies from venus surrounding it

love was the first ingredient strawberry the second

I now have a clear picture of what my desire shall be as I look at all those luscious strawberries sitting in my kitchen as june arrives it brings along with it the beginning of Strawberry Season…so let’s get infused with passion!


what would Strawberry Season be without those luscious strawberries dipped in milk or dark chocolate and it’s so easy to do

melt down very carefully and at a low temperature your favorite chocolate

use the stove microwave or crock pot

after the fresh strawberries have been cleaned in cool water allow them to air dry on a platter

take skewers or whatever utensil you would like to use place 1 strawberry on the end and dip it into the well melted chocolate

place the chocolate covered strawberry on a platter to cool so the chocolate will harden

set an aphrodisiac mood…

lite red candles music and champagne goes well with chocolate covered strawberries and enjoy an evening of romance

just be careful with whom you share a double strawberry for if shared you may find yourselves destin to fall in love ❤


3 large strawberries
2oz dry gin
3/4oz lemon juice
1 sprigs fresh thyme
2oz champagne (can use sparkling wine)
1/2oz strega liquor

place strawberries in cocktail shaker and muddle until a smooth puree

add thyme and muddle some more

add gin and lemon juice and strega

add ice and shake until well chilled

double strain mixture into a flute or decanter

top with champagne and mixed with strawberries is a symbol of celebrating love

pour into lovely glasses and drink

there is 1 secret ingredient in the Strawberry Witch Cocktail…love ❤


serve the fresh strawberries in symbolic shapes

concentration of the mind and a symbol on which to focus your intention

not only does it make a festive presentation you put into the strawberries your increased sexual energy your thoughts your desires as your putting it all together…it came from the energy of my mind…now your ready to manipulate someone’s will


2 June 12:19pm EDT in Sagittarius

time to be dramatic
cheerful affection
romantic vitality
spontaneous you
actively outgoing

the power of this magickal moon will draw to you some very fortunate circumstances

rekindle the light in your heart

delay no longer

not let the night be still

I bind thee to me

time to let your soul soar free


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