think about a bright yellow lemon visualize that lemon in your mind perhaps going to the Farmers Market or your local grocery store to get one

keep the lemon in your mind as you…

touch it hold it feel its skin feel its weight in your thoughts

close your eyes

see in your mind the look of its skin the yellow color any marks feel its smoothness

inhale the intense citrus scent that fresh clean lemon can you smell that wonderful freshness of the lemon

keep your thoughts on the lemon we’re not done yet…

think about what it would be like to take a bite of the lemon that you just cut in half…do you see that in your mindLemon Emo

now open your mouth and take that bite

feel the juice gush in your mouth

drink of its tartness

savor in its sweetness

feel the lemons flesh on your fingertips feel its peel as your hold it in your hand

go ahead swish the juice around inside your mouth

what’s your mind telling you

do you notice what that lemon did to your tongue your face cheeks your teeth

did you cringe

did it make your lips pucker up

through my mind I could taste its bittersweet flavor

I could feel myself cleansed

the lemons fresh scent lingers in my thoughts

my tongue still tart

did you start to salivate?

If so good…you just received an A+ that means that you are focused have the ability to concentrate and will what you want

the amazing World of Magick awaits you

If no…you should consider more practice of your mind for without your will.concentration.focus Magick will not take place

this lemon exercise can be used in whatever you do in life…to control the mind is to control the outcome


1 fresh lemon
1 piece pink paper
red ink pen
red yarn or ribbon

write the name of the one you are putting the love spell on and your name or the name of the person the spell is for

2 names on the pink paper written in red ink

slice the lemon around its equator around the centerLemon-2

cut it evenly in half

after the names have been written down on the pink paper fold it so the names touch each other than fold it a total of 3 times

sandwich that paper in between the lemon halves

tie the red yarn or ribbon around the lemon to hold it together tightly

you may need quite a bit of yarn

remember all the while you’re doing this to think about the people involved who the spell is for and how they should be together

once all this is accomplished place the lemon in your freezer way in the back where no one can see it

upon 1 full cycle of the moon you shall see things turn in the favor you want
1 lemon
1 black candle
9 nails
3 pinches salt

visualize the individual you are putting the curse on

think about your anger towards that person

why is your anger there

light the black candle

take the lemon in whole do not cut it

take one of the nails pierce it into the lemon while your anger rages

take the next nail do the same

always thinking about that rotten person who has hurt you or did something bad to you

pierce another angry nail into the lemon

when all 9 nails are in the lemon sprinkle 3 pinches of salt over the lemon and the nails

then go outdoors and bury the lemon deep into the earth to rot away

soon and slowly in time your problem will vanish away as the lemon disintegrates into the dirt
1 fresh lemon for each person

hold the lemon in the palms of your hands asking the lemon a yes or no question

think hard about that question while holding it tightly

than cut it open and count the pits starting with “yes” than “no”

repeat that yes and no until all the lemon pits have been accounted for

where you end is your answer

when that is all finished take the fresh lemons and make lemonade



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2 Responses to LEMON MAGICK

  1. Tamara says:

    I did the lemon spell to bring ex back but now reading that lemons will sour a relationship and the feeezer will freeze them out out of your life. ??????? help

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      I wouldn’t fret over it…🍋

      Lemons as well as other magickal ingredients can be used for different spells

      It’s all about your WillPower to get what you want

      Keep positive thoughts about your X and it will work out for the way you want it to…🍋

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