Drink Me-17love is here let it stay unbroken
my heart burns for thee my words are spoken
time is near light will guide your way when woken
take this drink as my immortal love token


on a Friday Night the Day of Venus
light 3 red candles

cover your work area ~table~ with a red cloth

you will need 2 small glass vials or bottles ~one for you and one for your victim~ mix together these ingredients

3/4 fill with red wine
3 drops vanilla extract

pinch of each

1 nice drop of honey

lid the vials
shake it wild
think of love
hold it tight
recite the words
feel the passion
charge the spell
no turning back
ready to go…

just under the lids tie a red ribbon

then go find your intended and let temptation take over

and have a drink together of a lovely Loveđź’•Potion

Greet me Hug me but most of all Kiss me

WARNING: consumption may result in HOT PASSIONATE ROMANCE đź’•


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