mammals_bats_black_background_1920x1200Walking last night in the nice cool October air with a jacket on a long flowing red scarf that the wind immediately took control of and a lightweight pair of gloves

As I glided silently on the hunt the dark stormy clouds followed

Fierce winds still blowing not even considering to let go as the tree tops swayed to the crackling sounds of limbs falling to the ground

Outdoors the fire of my being began to lure the Spirit World to me

Appearing only after dark came the Bats well over my head they did quietly fly

I take advantage of their mysterious magick as I looked for them high above the trees

I caught sight of the Messenger Bat as he led me to some unfamiliar place located secretly under a bridge

Running to keep up splashing through puddles the early days rain left behind I myself almost felt like I was well into flight

Bats nocturnal lifestyle is not so different from mine as we both seems to come alive at the last drop of SunLight

His energy pulls me into his evening flight I could feel that I was finding my way in his darkness

A gift I’m sure from Bat…

Then I was left standing alone on a dark clouded night that had covered any chance of MoonLight

The moment of silence was enchanting

Church Bells ringing off in the distant night as it had become the Stroke of MidNight

I looked around but found no one until a group of 13 Bats flew high above me they circled me round and round till I was caught in their spinFancyPentagramBar

I noticed something at my feet one of the Bats had fallen to his death and I was not sure how long he laid there

Now I quickly understood the Messenger Bat and why he had summoned me here

With gentleness I wrapped their beloved dead so sweetly in my red scarf and decided to take him home with me

As I looked up to the sky to greet the Bats farewell and to assure them their friend would well be used in my Magickal Endeavors they had already gone from sight…as they flew off on their paper thin wings they knew

It’s too bad many people are afraid of Bats for they are amazing Creatures and one of the greatest communicators of the Spirit World it is probably the reason why Bats became associated with Halloween a time when the veil between the World of the Living and the World of the Dead becomes thin…it allows the Dead to enter into the World of the Living but yet for just one more dance…

Bat was placed in a box draped over with a Black Cloth once his Wings become fully dried I will powder them into a Dust and place the Wing of Bat into a lidded Vessel when needed the Dust will be sprinkled to keep malevolent Spirits out or chase them away

Bat Bones are Good Luck one bone wrapped in a Red Silk Handkerchief tied with Red Ribbon and carried in your Pocket

It has been known and used by many a Card Dealer in the Game of Poker to tie this Red Handkerchief with the Bat Bone to his wrist when dealing cards or for the Player to bring Good Luck and win

Bats are Messengers if you see one flying around at night ask it to carry a message for you to a loved one that has Crossed Over or ask the Bat to deliver a reasonable solution to a problem you have

Bats Blood Ink used to write out Spells and pacts with the Spirits anything signed with Bats Blood Ink seals the deal no turning back

It is also used for jinx work against enemies

And one more thing…

Have you ever experienced a Bat that came flying very close to you almost touching you…you ducked just in time it scared the daylights out of you…well beware my friend…the scare has just started…it is a sign a Witch is after you!


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