macro_pebbles_stones_nature_beach_sea_textures_2048x1363Use this Spell when you have something in your Life that you want to get rid of like a bad habit ~ negative forces ~ bad luck


1 stone
1 bowl
1 metal spoon
Sea Salt

Find a small stone out in the Wild of Nature…the beach…a forest…just walking down the street

I pick up small stones when I see them with no exact intention at that moment of finding it

I put them in a glass jar and lid it so that when I do need a stone I have one at hand

Set a work area with the tools

Hold the stone in your hands cup it in between your palms and concentrate on what you want to get rid of

Feel the energy of what you are ridding yourself of enter into the stone

Charge it good
Feel it strong
Hold it tight

Then set the stone in the bowl

The size of the bowl needs to be a medium to large bowl

Bring the weight of your stare upon the stone releasing what you are getting rid of

Pour the water over the stone to cover it completely until the bowl about 1/2 filled

Add 3tsp of sea salt

Take the metal spoon and with its handle start to stir widdershins

Stir around the stone close to the side of the bowl

Focus very deeply to send your trouble away

Start out stirring slowly than as your foscued begin to stir faster and faster making quite a whirlpool around the stone

Give it all you got…

Stir Stir Stir
Focus Focus Focus
Widdershins We Go

This may take some time to release what you have held inside

Then stop stirring and let the water settle down

Once the water had stopped moving it is still take out the stone

Before the day is up go outdoors away from your home a place that is open space and throw that stone as far as you can so far away from you

Pour the salt water from the bowl into an open glass jar ~ do not lid the jar ~ place the jar on a sunny windowsill or any place it will capture the sunlight and keep it there til it evaporatesPentacle


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