girl_fire_love_dark_demon_fantasy_800x600I look into my flames burning within me I begin to feel a sense of warmth coming over me as all cold is banished from my fingertips

It spreads to my hands as the flames begin to consume my body

That pit of fire inside me gets hotter and it wants to be released

The fire I hold inside me is brilliant it burns my passion it explodes my energy heals my soul and destroys any negativity that tries to quench my heart

These flames burn out of control I have become a wildfire that all started with a little spark

I take all the courage I have within me and set the whole world on fire my lava pours from this volcano and covers me in delightful passion

Watch…my smoke ascend as I burn

I am warmed
I am healed
I am dangerous

It is truly an extraordinary sensation to tap into this kind of thing I hold inside myself


First…imagine as you sit there that there is this pit of fire inside you that wants to get hot ~ flames that need to roar ~ a spark just waiting to be stroked and it all needs to be released

A fire that will spread your passionate energy to raise up your strong will to be heard

Are you ready to breath fire?

red garments
4 red candles
soft guitar music
bright strong sunshine

This ritual begins any day at high noon (12p)

Put on your red garments and feel the red flames that blaze within every stitch of cloth that has been bound togetherfire_flames_coals_800x600-1Next put the 4 red candles where the sunshines strongly upon them on the ground or floor in candle holders in place of each direction


Place the candles far enough away from each other to form a nice size circle for you to sit in the middle of

You want to feel the burning fire of the sun on you

Begin the guitar music softly to fill the area of your fire ritual

Enter into the circle from the North and begin to light all the candles

Sit and face South the direction of Fire get comfortable and relax then close your eyes

This next step is one only you can work for yourself to raise your inner fire

Think positive about you
Think about your burning desires
Think what burns dormant inside you

That spark you know you have that has been quenched for too long now

Listen to those strings of the guitar strumming your flames
Fire Fire Burn Within
Passion Flames Protection and Sin
Let my Fire Burn for Me Inside
No More to Quench No More to Hide
Connect with yourself
Let your spark turn into a fire
Red flames surround you

Feel the burn
Touch your fire
That you can not keep contained

Then look into your flames…

And take the fires energy and strength within you and let it rage out of controlgirl_fire_love_dark_demon_fantasy_800x600Walk this Earth leaving behind you hot firey cinders of your passion of your being with every step you take


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