Pendulum & Rod Dowsing


Divination by means pendulum and rod dowsing is an age old practice that is still being utilized today by some unexpected institutions. From finding water, gold and traps to obtaining answers from within and from the cosmos, pendulums have a wide variety of uses and like many psychic or extrasensory phenomenon is ever growing in our recent age. In this article I will provide information on the common applications of dowsing, reliable sources and a quickly touch on how you can start using a pendulum. I do however, encourage anyone who wishes to develop this skill to refer to more in depth resources detailing the correct ways of practicing these powerful methods of dowsing.

In the book Supernature, by Dr. Lyall Watson he states the following, ‘Every major water and pipeline company in the United States has a dowser on its payroll. The Canadian Ministry of Agriculture employs a permanent…

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