DARK_CRYSTAL_fantasy_adventure_family_cartoon_movie_film_dark_crystal__11__1920x1080IT FASCINATES ME

With a skillful and knowledgeable Black Witch as your guide you can increase the chances of success in Casting any type of Spells

I have been misunderstood and shunned by those who don’t precisely know its meaning yet it still fascinates me is it that way because of its power of Revenge because it’s Dangerous or because others believe it to be something quite Naughty?

But in any case…

Who’s Afraid of a Little Black Magick to dabble in a bit of Evil every now and then

To take that machine we call our Subconscious Mind and turn it into a Magick Energy Force

Turning the Magick of the Earth into the Joy of Black Magick

I search for the Souls that linger around in this Mortal World since they have something left unattended a wish that was never fulfilled I am happy and pleased to help them finish that business and Cross Over to a place of Contentment

Look at me with great suspicion as I evoke the right energies into the atmosphere my words riddled together so they cannot be easily understood and misused by “ordinary” peoplePentagramI can elimate that Bad Habit of yours

Improve your Business

Bring you Luck Money or even Love

I can Protect your Soul or Burn your Heart


It is not uncommon to do a Spell and then decide that it was not what you wanted to do

Even Witches can change their minds

So then we need to reverse all the energies of that Spell and to completely clear your Spiritual Foundation of that Energy

To remove the Spell or Curse that you placed on others or that has been placed on you

1 black votive candle
1 black bowl
Rain Water

Clear your Mind of all trival things…meditate on your intention

Place the candle in the bowl and light it

Always remember your Spell is only as good as your Focus and Concentration

Fix the candle in the bowl using the wax drippings from the candle so that it stands alone

Make a puddle of wax in the bottom of the bowl than place the candle in the middle of that wax puddle to seal the candle to the bowl

Breathe Deeply
Thoughts on your Intention

Release all the Energy of all your Senses into the Flame

Visualize the Power the Spell has Cast against you or the Power of the Spell you Cast against another

The Spell to be broken begins to burn in the Flame of the Black Candle

Feel it

Your Energy Your Thoughts must transfer that Spell or the Power of the Curse to the Flame

Very easy pour the Rain Water into the bowl just below the rim

Do not wet the Wick or let the flame go out

As the candle burns down it will sputter and go out as it touches the water and is extinguished the Spell will be broken

Finally dig a hole into the ground pour the water into it and bury the candle along with the waterPentagram-1This allows positive forces to open cleanse and purify all of your Senses

Once this is accomplished the Spell is broken you will notice the difference straight away you will begin to feel lighter both Spiritually and Physically as all the energies you no longer want are expelled from you

Any clouds that have gathered around will disappear and open up to sunshine to your Spiritual Path and your total being


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