I will do things to your mind you will wish you had the strength to deny

These lotions and potions will give you a sexual delight and leave me with a tingle deep within my skin

Beltane a time of pure magickal wonder filled with the beauty of flowers the heat of my fire and sweet new beginnings

Dance with me let’s revel in the warm May breeze as the aromas that swirl around us make us drunk with lust

This untamed spirit will teach you of the pleasures of this night I will show you all the things that you should not know

I want to feel you my hands are so filled with intention with every brush of my fingertipsLove Sensual CoupleCome discover the things about me I keep locked away

Make your wish upon my flame and let it burn all night long

Love is in the air our appetites are wild we slip away and take a sip of eternity

I taste him…and I realize I have been starved


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