books_800x600-1I did not set out to write a book I didn’t even know I was writing one

Today I’m filled with blank pages so I’ll sit down with myself ~ Mr. Coffee and a bite of some rich dark chocolate and write a few lines

There are no short cuts and never do I lie to myself having to except all those torn pages from a broken heart

It seems I’m always judged by my cover giving those a missed opportunity to an amazing story

Hurry open this book and with it goes my imagination as the journey gives me somewhere to go

Not giving up too many of my secrets all at once it’s time to turn my page and read on

Could you understand the chapters of my life my late nights warm dreams wild pleasures that help me to escape from reality

Or would you want to re-write me

Sometimes I keep quiet I don’t say much I watch and learn then write it down in my loyal book as my dreams are drawn with illustrations

My book of life is open to only a few people as it has become my one true companionBook Of DreamIt seems I always have a curious story in my head one that has no ending that keeps me lost in it forever and thoughts in which I cannot tell any one about

I swear somewhere in between these pages I will find the love of my life

But til then…my week-end is all “booked”


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