women_mirror_models_window_blue_hair_reflections_mood_sad_sorrow_love_romance_waiting_800x600I let the mysteries of the dripping water of the Rain seduce me

It’s a mid Spring Afternoon the Sky is filled with Energy a wonderful scent fills the Air as Clouds move so quickly like they are late for the dance they begin to cover over the Sun and that Magickal Water from above begins to fall

I listen to the rythem of the Rain with every droplet that taps upon my window as the water from the heavens clears the Air with new life

Shower my Spirit and I will tell you my Dreams just give me a chance to feel touched

With this amazing Rain soothe me water my Soul let this Rain wash away from me all I want to erase so I may carve a better path for myself

It’s falling hard and the Earth collects the incredible power of the Rain as it seeks to enhance and store its Magickmood_emotion_women_females_girls_brunette_sad_sorrow_nature_roads_rain_storm_wet_drops_800x600-1

Just as you see those angry dark black clouds coming over head and before a single drop of rain begins to fall go outdoors with a piece of chalk and write down what you want to rid your life of what you wish to loose and don’t want any longer

Write it down on the cement sidewalk or patio ~ street ~ on a tree ~ leaf on a bush ~ side of the house or garage etc

After you write down your intention draw a square around it

Then go indoors stand or sit in front of a window and think about your intention and wait for the rain to start

If you like you can light a candle ~ burn some incense ~ sip a hot brew and just relax for the moment

While you are waiting visualize the rain water washing away what you want to rid your life of

Cleansing those negative vibes

As the rain begins as the water flows off of your intention imagine and watch all that flows off with it as your written intention is washed away with the rain

Feel the release
Let go
Be as grounded as the rain

It is gone 💦 It is gone 💦 And I thank the Rainphotography_people_water_rain_splash_water_drops_drops_800x600-1It is pouring rain at my house…and I’m lovin’ it


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