Candle-7a Single White Candle burns as an Olde Time Magickal Practice gets straight to the Heart of the matter

I pray over this Candle so it may bless my intention say the words that I feel in my Heart as my Soul begins to speak to me

brimstone moon and a witch’s fire
listen closely to what I do aquire

as I work my magick before the moon doth swell
candle light shall brighten my spell

midnight 12 the witching hour
by wax and wick now work thy power

the Simplest of the Magickal Arts a very Natural way of Magick is Candle burning as it creates a Mystical atmosphere

Under a New Moon time for New Beginnings


Begin on the 1st Night of the New Moon

Get a White Candle a Candle of Peace Purity and Blessings

Set the Candle in 1 place in your home in a candle holder

Surround the Candle with a Circle of Sea Salt

Now bring the Element of Fire as you light the Wick of the White Candle

As you light the Candle allow its warmth and light to act as a beacon for your intention through the night and throughout tomorrow

With just some simple words of prayer containing your intention

Heart felt meaning behind the words to bring Blessings for the new days ahead and Peace for the new nights of rest yet to come

Burn a portion of the Candle every night for 7 nights pinching out the flame between burningsBlown CandleReturn to the place of the Candle and re-light the same Candle with your same intention

I see this flame as ever hopeful the signal for all New Beginnings for all New Blessings during this Phase of the Moon

One simple candle that burns with many blessings some for me some for others in my life

Bring to us joy and happiness

Bless our Souls
Replenish our Thoughts
Pour Kindness in our Hearts

On the 7th Night let the Candle burn itself out

a blessing spell
a candle to burn
a new moon to tell
a life to turn


⭐the power of positive thinking⭐Candle Light


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7 Responses to BE BLESSED on the NEW MOON

  1. chris jensen says:

    Dusting scare
    within a dare
    burning candle
    the night
    in removing
    all torment
    an bolite….

    May blessing surround your day, darling,

    as too with love,


    • hocuspocus13 says:

      I shall take your Blessing

      I never turn one down…😉

      Still raining…here…in USA…East Coast 💦💦💦💧💧💧💦💦💦

      • chris jensen says:

        Hum, that would be strange, don’t you think..

        Damn, hot here!

        You sure we’re on the right sides of the world?

        Magick corridor stopped moving..

        What methinks, the wavy line just flipped over?


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