smudging_featherI invite the Sacred Smoke around me from my head to my toes from front to back

I hold Sacred my need to connect with these Plants and respect the Ancient Ceremony that has been handed down to me

A Feather fans the Sacred Smoke in each direction my Heart beats like a drum ~ a bird sings of wisdom ~ the wolf dances to the beat of the earth he prowls upon ~ and we pray until we have circled back to the East
I stand facing the East where the Sun rises to the clearest vision and brings to me the opportunity to begin again with each new day

The joy and hope of the Creative Earth comes to me in the South wind it brings out in me that hidden playful child that laughs and runs wild without a care

Look towards the West where we can see the Sun go down and the brightness of the day sets into blackness behind us when the day is done and we seek the gift of renewal upon the next morning SunFeatured Image -- 36737Rest awaits us as we feel the silence and peace of the North the day has grown old just like GrandMother who teaches us about the wisdom of day and prepares us to receive the blessings the Spirits bring to us in our Dreams
Looking up I welcome the Energy of the Spirit of Above from the Sky from the Stars and the Clouds

Looking down to Mother Earth I feel grounded by her touch and will remain thru Earth connected to my Ancestors

I place my hand over my Heart and feel the beat of what makes me one with my Soul I catch my breath and find my thoughts something only I can do for myself
I see this Ritual as ever hopeful a smoke signal for all new beginnings


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