Poison_Ivy_Ivy_800x600POISON IVY

It winds around like a vine wrapping itself around whatever it grabs a hold of and most of us have walked passed this plant in the wild many times

What alluring charm is this natural beauty with its very seductive ego and its hypnotic bewitching effect

He inhales its love inducing spores that immediately trap him in its twist of passion in every area of his sensitive life

She will lead him to tread lightly to places of beauty seldom seen by the less mindful as they wander into exquisite discoveries

Wandering from one experience to the next unexpected place and then realize that they are blissfully lost in each other
Poison is not always for human consumption but that doesn’t mean these poisonious plants cannot be used for other reasons

Just take heed before using them and make note of just how poisonious they are

She springs up at the edge of the forest so to close the forest and seal it off so “None Shall Pass”

Protects the erodable soil along creeks and rivers

Seductive are her vines as they wrap and fastened themselves to the strong trees of the woods

Leaves of Three recognize her in the wild

Now that you know where to find Poison Ivy let’s begin…poison_ivy_800x600Take along with you into the deep dark forest of Poison Ivy a small red glass jar or bottle with a lid

You will also need several very thick plastic bags that you will use as gloves

Once you have found Poison Ivy open the glass jar ~ put the plastic bags on your hands both hands ~ and gently pinch the leaves off of the plant and place them in the jar

Once filled lid the jar tightly and head home

When home place the jar in a quiet area of the house and next to it 3 candles

2 black candles (bewitching)
1 purple candle (ancient wisdom)

Light the candles in the dark of the evening a night so quiet a night where you will walk the Poison Path

Trap your love victim and wind him around you like a vine wrapping itself around whatever it grabs a hold of

Feel your vines the vines of Poison Ivy twisting and turning to entice your victim

Poison Ivy is a survivor and is very stubborn she always gets what she wants and never let’s goPoison By Mcmxc-1Keep the red glass jar in a secret hiding place once the 3 candles have burned themselves out

Do not open the jar

Let the Poison Ivy leaves wither down to Love Dust

To complete the Poison Ivy Spell

Next time you see your victim walk up to him very slow keep your eyes planted on his eyes stand in front of him do not say a word and give him a kiss

Then walk away leaving him bewitched…💋


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