OZZY_OSBOURNE_heavy_metal______g_800x600Gone are the days when people would shrink away at the mention of the Dark Arts and would discriminate against the hidden wisdom of Black Magick

Magick is a process an activity that brings a much believed result which your human mind never expects of what comes next

The emotions ~ feelings ~ expressions of an individual can be stolen away their right will be deprived as the truth will always follow the lies

Just as in Nature the brightness of day is followed by the darkness of the night

Nocturnal Energy present around us establishes fulfillment of a wish is known as Black Magick as those Dark Spirits who are awake and strong during the night when human beings sleep for at that time they are not able to defend themselves

You will feel the vibrations even while you sleep that have begun to take over your future as you remain in that fragile state of sleepPentagram-1You have been through the passage between Hell and Earth after they are finished with you then the Dark Energies release you back to where you reside to the Earth to your Bed

All without blinking an eye while you rest in your peaceful slumber

Upon Cock Crow you awaken…

And just feel different

Perhaps a cold chill of your skin has taken you over along with those new found mood swings

Health and Happines has been destroyed

You have forgotten what a good nights sleep is as you begin on your path of sleepness nights

A foul odor seems to follow you wherever you go even after bathing it still is stuck to you

Someone had taken revenge on you as you suffer the symptions of an individual who has become a victim of the Dark Arts

An innocent Soul now lives with a Curse of Evil IntentionWineJust after sunset come and take a sip of my Secret Potion the most strongest and powerful potion disguised as a sweet drink of wine let me change your future tamper with your emotions and touch you beneath your surface

…oh the wicked things I can do to you…


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