I could feel someones incoming bad energy coming my way while I was out with the girls having dinner the other evening

A heavy something about to land on my shoulders or perhaps plant itself in my soul so it can continue to grow and reek havoc

Not carrying along with me my Spell Book ~ Potions ~ Lotions ~ Brews ~ Hex Powders ~ or my most cherished Poisons nor did I remember verbatim any of the Words of the Spell or have handy Candles or Incense

…what is a Witch to do…

Hexenspiegel is a German word that means “Witch Mirror”

Easy to carry with you everywhere you go just a simply mirror and “Any Mirror Will Do”

A powerful reflection to get that person who is sending the negative energy your way to stay away from you

You want to send back the negative energy flowing back to where it is coming from

And every now and then Ladies don’t we have to fix our Lipstick!

Take out your mirror/compact hold it up to your face like your powdering your nose or freshing up your face or fixing your hairbabe_makeup_lipstick_fashion_mirror_800x600Look deeply into the mirror look around the room until you capture that person sending those bad vibes your way

Once you have him/her captured in the mirror keep them captured think about sending back that bad energy before is sticks to you

Reflect back not once but thrice

Negative Energy that may leave you disturbed ~ impure ~ chaotic

Yes send it right back through your very humble mirror

Keep your thoughts strong as you stare at that person in your mirror

Whilst in your mind tell the bad vibes to go back from where they came

Then…fix your lipstick and put the mirror back in your purse

If things become a tug of war repeat as needed

Here are some others places to put or hang mirrors to keep away any type of negative energy that someone might send your way

Place mirrors around your home or place of business especially facing the front door of your house or entrance to your business

Hang mirrors from trees or bushes outside

Particulary vulnerable spots in your home like placing a mirror under your bed to protect you from bad vibes while you sleep

Or wear a mirror medallion around your neck on a silver chain

As most Witches do…we carry a mirror on our person everywhere we go and at all timesGirl See Mirrora mirror red lipstick a spell to do
I send the chaos back to you
it will stick like paper does to glue
bad vibes this mirror reflects on you


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