mushrooms_Amanita_Muscaria_800x600BEYOND THE KEYHOLE

This mundane World just became amazing as Consciousness is like seeing this World through a keyhole

I look at its limited amount of what I could be seeing so let’s put the key in the lock and turn it to open the door and see all the wonders and horrors the other side has to offer me

When the Moon is at the Full I will freely pull the mushrooms that grow wild upon this Mix of the Woods

They may look like nice little toadstools but beware…🍄

Taking the Spirits of the Forest plenty lie silent by the Olde Birch Tree as I went to pick some mushrooms and earned a solid basket fullBasket_with_mushrooms_800x600As one knows foraging for fungi has long been associated with Witches their bright red caps and white flaky speckles characterizes this famous Witchy Mushroom we call Fly Agaric

As I get the mushrooms home I gently wipe clean any dirt that has fixed itself to the mushrooms then I string 3 pieces on a thread to hang them to dry

In my Magickal Practice my words commit them in my memory so to devise them into a Spell my educated guess would be that it could be fatal
Upon the Evening of the Full Moon together I blend and mix the following ingredients


fly agaric mushroom caps
dried balm of gilead flowers

dried mugwort
dried sage

dried hyssop
dried yarrow

juniper berries
arborvitae bark

…and wormwood

All in an olde food processor and grind them down into a fine powdermushrooms_alice_in_wonderland_the_hatter_800x600Then I put that powder into a large glass jar and cover it with Apricot Kernel Oil lid the jar allowing it to infuse for 19 days

Afterwards I strain it 3x through muslin cloth

I measure out the oil adding an ounce or 2 of beeswax for every cup of oil

Heat the beeswax and oil in my Cauldron or for you more modern Witches fill a Crockpot with water and set the jar into the Crockpot turning the setting on warm and let it heat up and melt down for a day or 2

Once melted pour into glass jars or bottles with lids letting it cool down place it by a window for the remaining days of the Moon Cycle where it can receive the Moonlight moving it place to place following it along with the nightly Moon’s moves

When the next Full Moon comes around it will be ready for use
when the moon is at the full
mushrooms you may freely pull
when the moon is on the wane
another night to pluck again
The barriers between our World and the World of the Spirits are removed my senses enhanced as the mundane World just became amazingforest_meadow_mushroom_fairy_800x600A Witch and her poisons go together like peas and carrots…


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