I learned how to be still to be calm and listen very carefully to the quiet

Then I began a firm set of rules rather strict ones at that for myself which gave to me small stepping stones toward my own Path in my own Life

Determination helped me focus
Discipline kept my pace going
Inspiration made me want more

But what would I fear if I followed this Path?

I began to write notes my most intimate thoughts down on paper in my Journal in a book that could have very well become a “best seller” yet no one will ever read but me

I’m enlightened as I read and study everything I can get my hands on it brings me to where I can embrace many learnings from various sources of inspiration

My mind becomes open to what others say can’t be true and at that moment I become in sync with myself as my mind and body work as one

I found this little place I go to when I need to piece myself back together a little place that talks to me as I start the struggle of pulling strength from within myself to continue on and learn how to receive the power from this glorious Earth to keep me groundedGoth-3Magick truly isn’t a part of Witchcraft it’s an added bonus just learning what felt right to me and practicing Magick by myself gave me quite a respect for Life and Nature

So you want to be a Witch…

You can practice Magick without being a Witch and be a Witch without practicing Magick

I don’t always agree with everything with all those Magickal Workings written about that is out there but everyone has to start somewhere!

It was up to me to decide what was meaningful and to then go after it to express the feelings of my own personal Heart to learn about my love of Nature to begin my relationship with the Spirits and to gain respect for those that have come before me…all those “Seasoned Witches” that have taught me well

To those in this Mortal World my Lifestyle and my Religious Practice remains a Secret

Until you feel and truly feel the Universe move you for the very first time you will continue to live in this fast paced World as it’s pace passes you byeda-napitki-obekty-6826Just a plain wonderful recipe called Magick what a delicious recipe it is as it’s ingredients satisfy my Body ~ Mind ~ Soul…with just 3 drops


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