FashionYou should always be able to express your bewitching ways with beauty and fashion and of course all the while your casting your Circle sprinkling about that Consecrated Salt and bubbling your badass Brew!

You…that’s right…You are the most Magickal Tool of them all with of course an added touch of a beautiful visual delight via one’s wardrobe which will certainly put you at the center of any “Circle” of attraction

Wearing just the right clothing can be just as valuable to a Witch as utilizing tools within a Ritual

A Witch can find power in any Garment a piece of Ritual Cloth that lets the Blood Circulate ~ isn’t too tight to allow the garment to flow so not to hamper one’s movement to allow the Witch to move swiftly thru the night ~ a garment that can boost your Personal Confidence and increases your Physical Appeal…in other words…makes you feel goodBlack Dress-1A Witch’s Garments enhance their emotional and mental state of mind which becomes very important in the success of Spells and Curses

Gaudy objects or Ratty clothing worn during a Ritual will become an anchoring hinderance which can create unavoidable energetic stagnation

Keep your Ritual Garments in tuned with what your intention is and not in conflict with the Ritual

Have you ever gone to an Affair or Social and someone shows up to the Social function wearing inappropriate clothing? Yes…just like that…very out of place

When one wears the proper Garments one needs not to Speak a Wordblack lingerieTantalizing under clothing woven and lustful can be worn during Spells to snatch a Mate simply recall in your Mind in the Sensual power of your Will the sensation of wearing it to provoke the Energies of Love to come your way with the Mate you have in mind

Utilize the Garment’s benefits those very same benefits that empower the clothes…the one wearing them

Yes…Witches Do Wear Black

And do believe that wearing the same Garments for every Ritual in Witchcraft will begin to absorb residual Energy from the Witch and Spirits she calls upon

There are studies that show when someone wears clothes they feel connected to they perform better at their task

So if for nothing else wear Witchy Clothing to trick yourself into being a better Witch

A fellow Witch I know has a little secret she does to her shoes she dusts her shoes with Sacred Powder just before the shoes go on her feet to protect her when she walks about in the late hours of the eveningViolet FashionINGREDIENTS


When dried out grind down to a very fine powder ~ this powder can also be used around the borders of your home or business to ward off baneful energy

Wear a Smile

Since I was a Child I was taught to keep a Smile on my face

I never forgot that Family Rule and yes I do wear one on at times when out in Society

I wait til I get back home to huff and puff if I feel the need to I just don’t put that bad day I may be having on others…I leave it at home


Try dressing differently for SpellWork or Rituals and discover what works best for you and the effects it had on your Workings

What styles What colors What fabrics fit your tastes

Try Every Witch Way

Clothing should serve a Witch as a protective layer from the World around her in a very pleasurable way even if for no one else but the one in the mirrorFashion Tv…and of course “Clothes Are Always Optional”…💋


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