Planets_and_moons_ground_corn_field_Montage_poppy_wildflower_800x600The Moon goes into Void of Course on 20 June at 7:02am which means the Moon will be traveling out of Sagittarius and into another Astrological Sign

As the Moon travels in its Void of Course No Magick Work is preformed until the Moon settles in at its next destination of Capricorn which will be 20 June at 7:55am Eastern Time

When the Summer Solstice begins on 20 June at 6:34pm ET the Full Moon will be raging at Full Force in Capricorn

All that fresh new Capricorn Energy


This will be a time for some Practical Magick and a time to choose a Life Path

That from this moment on you will aim all your energy on that direction while you begin to soak up as much experience as possible

Go after that goal that has been lingering in the back of your mind for so long now

Take it carefully step by step so to lay down the foundation for some long term success

A time to build from the ground up
A time to hold your own reins
A time to set free your ambitions

❤❤❤LOVE during this FULL MOON❤❤❤

If your not attached you just may come across someone that catches your eye someone with your kind of ambitions your drive your goals

…or perhaps you captured his eye

It will almost be like starring into the mirror as what looks back at you is just like you!

Don’t diss this one give him/her a chance

That one could be yours…

3 parts vetivert
2 parts cypress
1 part vervain
1 part mimosa blossoms
1 part comfrey

Mix and Tie these ingredients in a bright yellow sachet or cloth tie the top closed with yellow ribbon

Wear it or carry the Sachet with you for 9 days and 9 nights in a row

Then allow the ingredients to completely dry out for several weeks

Crumble the ingredients all together and burn as you would Incense

This will lead you to bright sunny and positive days and nights ahead of you


Find some glorious scented fresh Honeysuckle growing wild and free and cut several vines of it off the plant

Bring it home place it in a watered vase

Put it in a room in your home that you spend alot of time in a room you relax in

Decorate that space with a yellow cloth ~ a few stones ~ charms etc

Also get 3 Honeysuckle Votive Candles

On the night of the Full Moon center the Candles around the Honeysuckle in the vase

While you are lighting the Candles each one slowly think about that path…

With thoughts in your mind to find the answers to lead you to the path that is right for you rather than wander around lost ~ keep you on the straight and narrow of your current path so that you may continue to stay focused ~ to find the courage and strength to finally get on that path you always dreamed of being on…

After the Honeysuckle starts to dry out remove it from the vase tie the Honeysuckle tightly around with yellow ribbon or yellow cord and keep this wonderful path finder Charm safe


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