Sorcerer_and_the_White_Snake_action_fantasy_martial_sorcerer_white_snake__7__1920x1080-1SUMMER SOLSTICE CEREMONY

upon the solstice at high noon
we dance and sing to a magick tune
your future betold of witches rune
all the way till sun becomes moon

A table covered in a cloth of gold with a single gold candle set upon it

Before this candle a brass bowl filled with earth having strewn upon its surface some glowing embers of charcoal

A vase of bunched daisies and buttercups

A small dish of powered frankincense and orris root well blended

A vial holding a tincture of ambergris

A flask of fine brandy and a goblet for each

Long golden ribbon tied to it many small gold bells along its length

Garments of gold and tied to each wrist several gold ribbons near an ell in length

Glided solar amulets about the neck

A small clock to strike high noon to begin the ceremony

Until it strikes the hour…

Upon the last stroke of high noon the candle shall be lighted and the frankincense and orris shall begin to burn

Turn our flesh into breathless air

From here your ceremony of the summer solstice has begun

Take the gold ribbon of bells pass it around to each participant with each one shaking the bells thrice that the bells may ring loudly

Anoint each on the wrists with the tincture of ambergris

Give each one a chance to speak about summer stories perhaps of summer past ~ about the sun moon stars ~ how you are drawn by the fire of the essential spirit

After the storytelling pass around the goblets one for each and pour a bit of brandy from the flask into everyone’s goblet

fire of the spirit
elixir of the sun
fill us and preserve us
while we burn as one

Drink of the elixir

Now prepare to feastsamhain_by_jinxmim-d5cwf2p (1)To eat drink and be merry from sun to moon


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7 Responses to HIGH NOON

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  2. Basharr says:

    I wanted to thank you for the like today much appreciated have a blessed night

  3. pdlyons says:

    nice one, although my preference leans more towards the long night

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