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Any candle that is broken or cracked is unfit for SpellWork for any type of conventional candle wisdom or for that olde time fact unfit for the birthday cake!

A broken candle cannot hold within it your spell ~ curse ~ hex ~ love to “seal the deal” open ends cracks or breaks to the candle will not let your spell come to fruitation

What one can do with broken candles is to slowly melt the wax down to make another candle

Candles used in Love Spells that were not required to burn themselves out can be boxed or stored until you have enough to melt them down all together to make a new candles that will be used just for your next Love Spell

These self made melted down candles will possess a more powerful candle leading to a much more powerful Love Spell …aahhh something to ponder overCandle GirlKeep your not burned down to the wick candles separated accordingly…to their purpose used label the container you placed them in and then just melt them all together pour into a mold centered with a wick and let it cool and harden


So as I was cleaning my Chamber around midnight last week I came across some very dusty candles that have never been used the wicks never been tourched they had apparently been hiding out from me

The colors of the candles had not faded

If you have ever come across candles that you discovered in the back of a draw or you placed somewhere for safe keeping perhaps put aside for a special haunting there is no need to toss them out

To bring those dusty candles back up to the level of use first carefully dust them off gently not to break them

Burn some Sage Incense and pass the candles one at a time thru the Smoke of the Sage Incense to purify them turn and twist the candle thru the Smoke so the Incense touches every bit of the candle

When you are ready to use the candle rub each candle with the appropriate ritual oil for your SpellWork just prior to lighting it this will cleanse your candle for usePentagram-1Some of us allow olde superstitions to frighten us or keep us from utilizing candles in a way that we think best

Remember…it’s your energy that you’re putting into the candle

…as every candle tells a curious story


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9 Responses to BROKEN CANDLES

  1. chris jensen says:

    Given away secrets again!

    Most of all, i love the flickering light..

    Tiss reminds me of shinny objects..

    hugs darling chris

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  3. I do protest! And I pledge to form the “broken candle” rights group. 😉

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