The Power in the Flames


Coffee, Cupcakes, and Crumbsnatchers


Candles have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mom always had them going; from votive to tea lights, at any point in my life I can always remember the smell of candles and incenses in my life. Every memory I have, good or bad, can be connected to that smell.

I have been a haphazard Wiccan for so long, because everything I practiced did not feel like it “fit’ me. So it was no wonder that when I discovered Candle Magick, I felt like I had felt my calling. I could actually feel my soul smile a wide smile like… Bingo. This is it.

Candle Magick is the most basic form of Wiccan. Is it as simple as lighting a candle and walking away? It could be, but it really depends on the power you give the candle; the part of your…

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