christmas_sparkler-wallpaper-1920x1080JULY 4th NEW MOON MAGICK

One Spell I write for you today
Hex and Curse to stay away

Black Magick won’t fade it’s here to stay
For those who believe they have lost their way


Spell begins upon the Evening of the New Moon on 4th of July after the Sun has set for the day

You will need several bunches of fresh Dill (WillPower) which you can obtain from your local grocery store or farm market

Get around 9 bunches

Smell the bunches before you buy them to make sure they are as fresh as can be and full of that Dill fragrance

4 Candles

1 black ~ curse
1 red ~ courage
1 white ~ spirit
1 blue ~ occult

Black Ribbon or Black Cord

3 Small Vases

After the Sun has Set on July 4th take all the Dill and divide it into 3 bunches tie each bunch with the Black Ribbon then place each bunch in one of the watered vases

Set the vases in triangle with one vase in front and the other 2 vases behind the first one slightly to the right the other slightly to the left to form a triangle

Red Candle to the right side of the vases

Blue Candle to the left

White Candle in front

Black Candle in the back

Before you light the Candles tell your Energy what you want it to doEyesThe Power of Life lies in the Birth of the New Moon

A Time when your Inner Dimensions of your Body and your Mind draws clear

Beautiful in your own Witch’s way…


Light the Red Candle first thinking about your intention

Second light the Blue Candle focusing on your expectation of your Spell

Lastly light the White Candle speak of your Desired Outcome

The Black Candle shall be put aside for now ~ do not light it ~ when the next Dark of the Moon arrives then you will light the Black Candle as you rethink about your July 4th Spell

*Dark of the Moon 31 July

Let the words lead the way…Pentagram-1Your Mind wanders in the Wind

Feel a Soul that is now set free

Ones Heart open ready to Live again

Allow the Red White and Blue Candles to burn themselves out down to the wick

Leave the Dill in place for the next 3 days and 3 nights afterwards take the Dill cut it up in small pieces and scatter it outdoors


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11 Responses to BLACK ♠ MAGICK

  1. theboldcorsicanflame says:

    Sorry you left my blog. Best to you

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      I have not left your blog

      The Wizard’s of WordPress unfollow the blogs I’m following

      I will look for your blog to check out what happened

      Thanks for letting me know


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  3. jackcollier7 says:

    Oh, this is such a great spell, heading out to buy dill later.

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