HandsThere are so many Magick Beings that are most commonly associated with Magick and the Occult that we Summon to assist us with our Magick Work…we call upon them…the Spirits

Some Spirits known to us as Angels are good and benevolent while others called Demons are evil and malevolent

Which Spirit you call upon depends on the kind of Magick you are preforming what you want to accomplish


Calling upon the Evil Ones from Hell they will come to you in a variety of guises and play wicked jokes on people

They cause nightmares and unpleasant things to happen if you don’t take control of the Summon and immediately direct the Demon on why you Summoned him and direct him on what you want him to do

Why Summon a Demon?

Lucifuge has the power over all treasures on Earth

Agaliarept can unveil any mystery

Sargatanas opens all locks

Demons can help you gain control over an individual

But just remember when you first Summon a Demon he will be furious with you so you must command him to do your bidding and show him who is in control with no fear about you

You must wear a Silver Ring on the middle finger of your left hand when you begin to Summon a Demon and know which Demon you want to call upon by doing a bit of research to learn what each Demon can do for you

Always call a Demon by name or else you will find yourself in the mist of many unknown Demons that you have just Summoned out of the Gates of Hell and they will surround you

You will not know who is who or what powers they possess and yes by just calling out to the Demons without using a specific name you could very well Summon many a Demon to your “rescue”ghost-1◾ANGELS◾

Angels can give you guidence down a particular path in Life or help to keep you on the straight and narrow of the path your currently on

Watch over you and keep you safe

Bring joy love and happiness into your mix of Spells and Magick Work

Did you ever just need someone to talk to? I have…Perhaps a bad situation has come your way a death of a loved one a bad habit that you want to quit or a day that just did not go your way

Summon an Angel to talk with you

Maybe you had some great news a job advancement you bought a new house or it was just a great day to be alive…call upon an Angel they will be happy to listen

Here are some Angels to evoke along with the day of the week they govern

MICHAEL: Sunday ~ makes people the recipent of favors

GABRIEL: Monday ~ discloses secrets

SAMAEL: Tuesday ~ death and war

RAPHAEL: Wednesday ~ reveals the past present future

SACHIEL: Thursday ~ love joy and heals the sick

ANAEL: Friday ~ luxury

CASSIEL: Saturday ~ vanishes hatred deception and evil thoughtsHaunted-1


Decide on the exact purpose for which the Spirit is required

Prepare yourself and your enviroment with colors scents and candles appropriate to the Spirit you are invoking

For Angels create a Magick Circle
For Demons create a Magick Triangle

Recite your words of Invocation
Why you call upon this Spirit
What you desire

I entreat thee to send thy Spirit (use the Spirit’s name) of the creation so that the Spirit may teach me those things which I desire to ask of him

After the Spirit appears and you have completed your Magick give the Spirit the license to depart

Since thou has come and answered my questions I render thanks thou may now depart to thine own sphere but thou shalt return again unto me another day


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