LampFire is alive it moves it breathes it can be gently and warming or all consuming and cause total destruction

The RootWorkers of years ago used Oil Lamps to Conjure Magick not only because they just happened to have them on hand for their only means of light but rather for Oil Lamps are Traditional Conjure at its very best

They kept the reservoir full of oil and added to it the necessary herbs and roots to complete their work

Oil Lamp Magick helps in all areas of your life Love ~ Money ~ Protection

Before you start your Spell in an Oil Lamp the Lamp needs to be “Blessed and Dressed”

Clean it with some strained Rain Water
Strained to remove any debris

Dress it with an Essential Oil
Just a very light rubbing of Oil

Then hold the Lamp up to your face
With a gentle stare breath life into it
A soft sigh of breath to fill it up

Now…your Lamp is readyCandle-9

Many prepare personal Oil Lamps to keep them focused and to get what they need to do done

In the reservoir of the Oil Lamp the part the oil is poured into add your personal concerns the items you are using in your Spell

This is done before the oil is poured in

Things such as:
written petition

Once the items are in concentrate on the Spell your Intention

Speak the Words of your Intention

Speak those Words with strength and conviction

Really put your Heart into your Words

When that is completed pour the Lamp Oil into the reservoir over the items

Light the Wick and turn it down so the Lamp does not smoke

This will be done for 9 days in a row
Then after that once a week

Follow this for each Oil Lamp Spell you perform

Here are a few Recipes to Conjure to get you started but always feel free to mix measure and conjure a Custom Blend of your own


write on a piece of small paper your petition and fold it 3x

a pinch of each
Slippery Elm
Angelica Root
Devil’s Shoestring
High John the Conqueror

3 Bay Leaves
3 Tacks
3 Nails
3 Needles

While your putting the items in think about what your doing about the Protection you want for yourself or someone else

Add all of these to the reservoir of the Oil Lamp then add the lamp oil and light the Lamp


your written petition (what you want/need) folded 3x

3 Silver Dimes

a pinch of each
Dragon’s Blood
Devil’s Shoestring


a pinch of Dirt from the four corners of your home or business

Cinnamon Stick

1 each
That you have left hidden at the crossroads of your home or business for 3 nights before you put them into the Lamp

Ask that your roads be open and all blocks removed from your path

Picture your roads being open and free of obstacles

Everything I need will come to me

Conjure takes work and dedication for it to be effective

You have to work the Lamp by this I mean you have to talk to the Lamp and pray to your Higher Power

If you just light the Lamp and let it burn without doing anything else you would see some results but they wouldn’t last very long

It all depends on what you expect your outcome to beLamp-1Fire is hot Fire is hungry it has been a part of Religious and Magickal Rituals since the Dawn of Time

“The fire must be kept going on the alter continuously; it must not go out”

~ LEVITICUS 6:13 ~


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9 Responses to MAGICK in OIL LAMPS

  1. angela1313 says:

    I love oil lamps and collect old ones. It makes total sense they could be used magicallybut you are the first to turn me on to this. Thanks again, your work posting all the great things you do is very appreciated.

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  4. KaylaB says:

    i ‘brew’ or infuse coconut oil with ritual intention over 3 months and work with them in lieu of burning incense as my 3 offerings for daily and nightly rites. i have a forth for crossroads. it is a beautiful way to release the energy and intention of the oil through the fires. So glad you shared this with others! blessed be!

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