0ee21880dc97f7a7586eb8c5ec43057eThis Circle used by many Witches can be of any size

Outdoor gatherings might have a Circle as large as 50 feet across whereas a Witch working in the confines of an apartment would have to make due with a Circle as large or as small as an apartment room would allow

Perhaps a Circle for one

The Traditional Witches Circle is 9 feet in diameter as this number represents the 9 orders of the Angels and invokes the Power of Mars

Prepared in most situation outdoors

To make your Witches Circle you will need a few items

4 candles: the color you use will depend on your SpellWork

Pentacle: each Witch wears one ~ worn about the neck as a necklace or a ring on the index finger on the right hand

Censor with Incense: the fragrance of the Incense will also depend on what you are doing and which Spirit(s) you intend on lurking into your Spell

Salt ~ Stones ~ Cord ~ Candles: just 1 of these to make the Circle ~ most Traditional Witches prefer Salt it wards off Evil Spirit who cannot enter or cross over the Circle of Salt or for the matter anything that is lined with Salt it is the best protection and easily found in the Witch’s Kitchen

1 Broom

Begin your Circle at the North Gate by pouring the Salt generously follow around to the West then South lastly East


Leave a small area at the North Gate open for the Witch(es) to enter in

Once all are in the Circle close the North Gate with the SaltpentIf you are using Stones place them around in a Circle very close to each other

Place the 4 Candles along the circumference of the Circle in each direction

The Candles represent the 4 compass points


Lighting the Candles begins your Spell
Light the Incense which will be placed at the North Gate

Broom placed within the Circle also in the compass direction of North just lie it down on the ground

The Witches Circle becomes a perfect sphere rising above the Earth and connecting with Nature’s Energy below

A time has come to learn about yourself

Recite your Words of Spell

Once your SpellWork is finished we always banish the Circle so not to leave behind any evidence we had been there

Re-open the North Gate first for all to exit by sweeping away the Salt in that direction

Gather up Candles and any other Witches Tools you brought along for the Spell

Grab the Broom and sweep away the rest of the Circle of Salt

If you used Stones pick them up starting at the North Gate to exit take them along with you for another night or sweep them to the side perhaps under a bushWiccan Witch_1

Oh…Circle of Power I conjure thee that you may serve as a boundry between the World of the Mortals and the World of the Spirits and serve as a Guardian and Protector


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