Blood CupIn this Chalice it contains all the knowledge wisdom and healing I need to know as this tool of transformation contains the purified blood to be reborn anew

Hear me now dark lords as I offer to you blood from my very veins as a tribute to your power and knowledge

Pour this blood slowly do not spill a drop

I invite the Forces of Darkness to bestow your influence on me

Open the Gates of Hell so I may come forth to greet you

Deliver me from all past error and delusion

Fill my Chalice with truth wisdom and understanding to keep me strong in my faith and in my service

I point my left index finger to call upon the Four Crowned Princes of Hell

Lucifer to the East
Beelzebub to the North
Astaroth to the West
Azazel to the Southdark_emo_gothic_fetish_girl_girls_vampire_cyber_goth_5760x3840Come forth…Crowned Princes come and take a drink with me as a token of our unity…drink of my blood

I have everything I need within myself

I control my own life and destiny without having to rely upon something outside of me

I have the power I need to access my strength and my will power

Tonight I gave a part of myself to seek you out

I pledge to follow the path you have for me til my final breath


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