f18e77003fa22c82443cfd97df2cb59cDREAM OF ME SPELL

In your mind I will dwell
In your mind I will invade
You have seen what I have pictured

It may have been a dream
It may have been your thoughts
When you awaken it will become real

To me and you…
Get a clear picture of him/her in your mind

Think of him and only him

Do not let other thoughts invade your mind

Think as hard as you can

Even harder…

Eyes closed
Feel him touch you
His warm breath upon your neck

Once you have the thought of him in your mind a thought of him that makes you smile or gives you butterflies in your stomach then you have connected to his mind

Then picture a scenario of the 2 of you together

It can be anything any place any situation

Keep your thoughts concentrating on him

Invading his mind
Connecting to his soul
Infiltrating his heart

He shall dream of you when he awakens

Picture him one more time and then fall asleep


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