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During this time the 2nd day of the Full Moon in Aquarius it is a rather good time to Cast a Spell to enhance your Friendships

Get 3 pieces of thread

Braid the 3 pieces of thread together while you repeat these words:

*Thread of the red of the blue and of the white weave your magick spell tonight*

Now take 3 bird feathers I find them on the ground in parks by lakes or the ocean and sometimes just walking down the street

When I find bird feathers on the ground I pick them up and bring the feathers home placing them in a box or wrapping them in a cloth to put the bird feathers aside for later…for another Spell!

I do this whether I need it at that moment or have an immediate purpose for them it greatly helps not to have to go on a scavenger hunt when you do need them

It is always advisable to keep a good Witchy Inventory on hand

Tie 3 bird feathers by their stalks onto the threads at the end

*When I touch theses feathers I think of you a friendship to cherish tied and true*

Take the threads and feathers tie it somewhere visable
Wear it as a bracelet or necklace
Give it as a token of your friendship

This Friendship Spell will strengthen that friendship

If you feel like you are missing your friend touch the bird feathers one at a time think about the friend you prepared the Spell for the one that is tied to that Magickal Charm…the 2 of you “Birds of a Feather”Free Spirit💚…and don’t be surprised if a bird fly’s your way…💚


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