Sunset SilhouetteThe Sun in Leo is fixed as Fire like a roaring Bonfire

It is time to Shine like the Star you are

Become Fierce
Extremely Brave
Let Courage lead your way
The Sun enters Leo 22nd of July at 5:30a Eastern Time
We will be entering a good time some fun lovin’ time filled with light and warmth that will melt those around you

Experiencing “your thrill of victory” will allow you to bask in the spotlight

Burn during the Sun’s transition into the Zodiac Sign of Leo to draw the influence of the Sun your way and for Spells involving Creativity ~ Passion ~ Energy and to increase your Magickal Power

3 parts frankincense
2 parts sandlewood
1 part bay
1 pinch saffron
3 drops orange oil
Become fascinated with your endless energy and creative spirit

Amazing time for romance

Love may just hit you hard and fast during this time with a few surprises for those already in a committed relationship
CANDLES: gold ~ scarlet
FLOWERS: marigold ~ sunflower
HEALING: heart ~ upper back
It’s about time to turn anywhere you go into your own personal stage!


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