…to study magick ✴

gothwitchis to study life…you learn by doing

I take a little time each day to practice and pretty soon I have it mastered

Each time I use Magick my ability to control my life increases and better are my chances of getting what I want

I do not become disillusioned if my Magick does not work immediately

Keeping in mind some Spells just take longer to work than others

I never lose my faith for that would block my flow of Energy

With every powerful thought of mine that I send out it leaves behind an imprint on this Earth

Believe…I believe in what I am doing…then and only then will it come true ✴


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4 Responses to …to study magick ✴

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  2. Rajiv says:

    Do you a lot of it? I tried some black magic in college, and then gave it up

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