girl_wind_sunset_lips_beauty_face_cute_800x600Creative visualization is a technique to make your dreams come true

The idea is to create an image in your mind something you desire

Then you empower that image through concentrated meditation forcing the image into reality

If you want something bad enough and think about it hard enough…it will happen

BELIEVE: most important key is to believe in your goal ~ what you believe can happen you can make it happen ~ the more you believe in your goal the more you can achieve it

DESIRE: you must have a powerful desire it must come from you totally and passionately ~ it must be strong so that it will take precedence over all other things ~ be obsessed with your goal so as to stir your emotions into actionLipstick-2VISUALIZE: create a clear mental picture of your desire ~ an exact image of what you want a picture so strong that the sheer power of your will forces it to manifest

KEYS TO MAGICK: lies in your ability to visualize your desire into reality ~ there can be no doubt ~ no lack of desire ~ or impotent emotion ~ every ounce of your energy every ounce of you and every bit of your power must be put into your visualization if you want it to succeed ~ having laser sharp thoughts with accuracy towards the object of your desire

❤❤…and you gotta believe…❤❤


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12 Responses to VISUALIZATION

  1. This is far truer, and powerful, than most people realize. Resonates quite well.

  2. This is something that is so powerful and is within our grasp. Very nicely done.

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