Red HairHair represents strength and energy

In Witchcraft…still today…hair is used to link a person to a Spell

If you have a person’s lock of hair you have a part of them and what you do with or to the hair will then affect the person directly

Hair is used in Healing Rituals and Binding Spells


This Spell is performed with the intent to bind you to the one you love

You will need
a Lock of his/her Hair
a Lock of your Hair
Red Ribbon
a small Cherry Wood Box

Place his lock of hair in the box first and say

*let thy thoughts be only of me
*none other shall you ever see
*by hair I bind thee forever
*that I shall lose thee never
*thou art bound in wake and sleep
*mine forever thou heart to keep

Then place your lock of hair in the box on top of his and say the words above once more

Take the Red Ribbon and knot it 3x saying the words above yet again

Place the Ribbon in the box

Keep the Cherry Wood Box next to your bed

Repeat the words above for 9 straight nights holding the box tightly between your handsBlack HairMany Moons ago a person’s hair color was taken into consideration as a sign of who they were blonde hair was viewed as good or heavenly while red hair was a sign of evil or Witchcraft dark hair was thought of as beauty and graceful ❤


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  2. Hair is linked to power in the Old Testament too!

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