Just relax and let go of your fears and tensions

Take several deep breaths

Use this Spell whenever you need self confidence ~ self esteem ~ courage to handle a difficult situation

You will need
1 opal stone
3 red candles

After the deep breaths light the candles

One at a time and focus

Focus on your situation that you need help with

Pick up the opal stone hold it in your hands between your palms

Cup it tightly and feel the power that emanates from within its shimmering depths

A place where all the colors of the rainbow converge

Take several more deep breaths

Don’t you feel the power of the opal flowing into your hands

Circulating through your entire body

Visualize renewed strength and courage

Hold the opal up to the flame of one of the candles


above and below
help me to know

to find to seek to look within
to overcome insecurties begin to win

enter my dream
my desire for self esteem

courage in all I do
my personal power now shine through
Gems HdFocus all your intentions on the opal stone and the candle flames

Repeat the words above 2x more

As you do this feel your personal power grow and strengthen

Just think of yourself as a courageous and determined person

When you feel the time is right extinguish the candles

Keep the opal with you everywhere you go


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