Featured Image -- 59590SOLITARY RITUAL

Quietly and Somberely I trace a Magick Circle ¤ Widdershins ¤ Sprinkling some Salt around the boundries

I Circle it 3x with Salt everytime CounterClockWise ¤ Widdershins ¤ I go

Leaving the NorthGate open for myself

Midnight the time all the Witchcraft festivities must take place

After dark so the only form of illumination will be candles and tourches on this Night of the Dark of the Moon

I stand in place just at the NorthGate

The Earth begins to move beneath my barefeet

The Twisted Trees dance looking up for its lost Moon in the Sky

I am draped in Black Cloth

A Shimmer of a Pentagram on a Silver Ring adorns my right index Finger

Tonight I shall reverse a Spell upon this Night of the Dark Moon
When we ask for something to be removed we open a void in our life and need to fill that void with something positive and that will take place at the coming time of the New Moon then we will fill the void we opened
In Solitude I light 2 Black Candles to let go of the negative things that hold me back from being a truly happy and successful person…a time for me to go withinPentagram-1Uncover my darkest Emotions and learn how to understand my Passions and my Angers

Cleansing my mind of all unhealthy thoughts

Consider that which I wish to banish and those I choose to cherish

Filling myself with understanding

I ask that my feet are blessed that I may find and walk my own true path

Some Incense of Myrrh burn through the blackness of the night

I look up…the Moon is Dark she hides her face from the World as she is veiled in a shroud of mystery

Candles now have flickered down to their wick and are slowly going to rest

Leaving yet just a sultry Shadow of my Solitary practice

As she…the Moon…rules over the Magickal Arts with all her Secrets and her most wanted Knowledge 💜




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