A first harvest begins from Spring’s planting that bears the fruits of our efforts

Crops cut from acres of fields
Picked by the bunch in summer gardens
Pinched lightly from a windowsill box

The Earth draws upon the power of the unseen the energy of the Sun ripens the crops as the Rain makes it swell into fruitation

The Practitioner must stop for a moment and look inside to examine her thoughts feelings and decisions made this year so far

I search for lessons learned to know where my journey is headed from this point along the path

Acknowledge the successes and how to carry them forward

Even the events that turned out poorly have lessons to be learned so not to repeat them once again or perhaps a lesson learned on how to make them better for future success

In the Witch’s Kitchen the interaction of magickal grain and the ever mysterious yeast begins at Lammas

The elements of air and water makes bread rise and beer foam

As my GrandMother taught me to be weary of the homemade bread dough that fails to rise she told me it was an indication malicious spirits have tampered with the dough and you my dear may want to think twice about going any further with that dough!bread_long_loaf_sesame_bag_Flour_grain_wheat_ears_1680x1050Sharing a loaf of bread can embody love if the loaf is homemade with the intention of love by one lover and given to another that shared experience will knead the two together

Beer is not just for drinking…it is also used as a Witchcraft purifying bath by adding 1qt of beer and 1cup sea salt to a tub of hot water soak for awhile then rinse it all off in the shower

Still the most beautiful offerings of all for me are the candles and oil lamps lit at Lammas that illuminate the home with an atmosphere of enlightenment

The oil lamps light leads the way for us into the next season soon to become one of darkness

The grains at harvest become the food for the winter and the seeds to be carried over so to be planted next spring

Symbols of the Sun hang decorated on the trees

Tables celebrate the pleasures of family and friends sharing the abundance of baked corn bread sticks ~ gooseberries ~ pies ~ chicken and fish

The chalice filled to its rim with intoxicating delights of some delicious home brew

In the distance something catches your attention a breath of a scent that lingers about the air of a lovely rose incense burning sweetly through out the day

Cauldron bubbles with things made from the bountiful crops so carefully stirred as the watched pot never boils over

While the dancing flames beneath that cast iron cauldron keeps the magick going well into dusk…sunset_landscapes_wheat_spikelets_1920x1080LAMMAS 1st of AUGUST


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6 Responses to BREAD and BEER

  1. Baking bread today, reflecting, candles lit and wishing you a blessed day.

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      My morning was spectacular…

      Went out for coffee ~ the coffee shoppe where all the real news is at ~ I walked over and on the way home got caught in the pouring rain

      So I stopped looked up and let that rain soak in right down to my Soul

      Got home drenched

      I feel on top of the World…😉

      Hey…let us know how your bread turns out if you have the time post it


    • hocuspocus13 says:

      If your dog likes the rain you’re lucky mine won’t go out in rain

      She looks out the door if she see rain she goes back inside 🐶

      Sami does like that white stuff that falls from the sky in the winter 😉

      Rainy day…good day to bake bread 🍞

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