…after sunset



Upon a thick wood table stout enough to bear all the necessary objects 5 purple candles be set

A goblet for each celebrant

With a great jug containing the libation of a mix containing

equal amounts of sweet dark red wine and blackberry brandy with a pinch of ground cumin seed sprinkled on its surface

Some of the deepest red rose incense very strongly perfumed

Trail down vines long and leafy decorating the area vines of grape ~ woodbine ~ moonflower

A flask of mixed oils of rose ~ patchouli ~ lavender set upon the table of wood along side of it a small vial of a tincture known as gentian violet

And your book of magickMAGICKA_action_adventure_fantasy_magic__37__1920x1080Each celebrant to wear a long flowing scarf of purple

Light the candles to begin…

Pour each a libation let each drink the draught then fill the goblets again

After the libation speak of what is hidden in the darkness of the grove

The tree of life
The Heavens and the Earth
The vines in the woods

Soon to release the branches full of purple fruit

Light the rose incense…

We wind our wisdom home again
And seize what we have won
Pluck the fruit that shall be ours

Pass around the flask of oil to all so that each may pour out a little into one palm

Anoint your hands and limbs with the oil

Let us celebrate our bounty
Our flesh our blood and fruit
Kiss the heart the vein the hand of life

On the left palm of each celebrant a drop of the gentian violet

Once the drop has touched the palm clench your fist hold it tightly

We are now marked
Laughter is stronger than mourning
Blindness is more radiant than light

A noble wound
A root beneath the earth
Sweetness from this drop of oil

Open your palm allow the violet mark to dry

Join together til the candles have consumed themselvesPentagram-1The rules are few

They are up to you…

It is one’s own powers of the mind ~ will power ~ mental energy ~ positive attitude which brings about the success of the ritual/ceremony/spell

A vision of the situation as you foresee it

See sharply and definitely the results as you know and they will be


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  3. Ursa Major says:

    Gorgeous picture! and environment. Looks like a fantastic idea for a backyard garden. I just love things that look autumy!. : )

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