Your intentions come from the dreams of your soul

Longings that keep coming up

Give some thought to those longings and see what images ~ dreams ~ streams of thought come up

First…settle down your energy to a place of relaxation

Once relaxed light a magickal candle any color any shape will do

Make a list in your mind of what you would like to draw into your life


During the New Moon it is a moment to conjure what seems out of reach and creating the vision is the first step to making it a reality

a wish
an intention
a promise
a vow
a dream

Having a journal on hand allows you to keep a record of your intentions so write them down

You can use symbolic symbols along with your words to weave together your intentions

Draw attention to the particular life lessons that illuminate for you

Find ways to keep them in front of your awareness

Put them in a visible spot on a slip of paper somewhere you can glance at them during each day in your wallet or pocket ~ purse or brief case

Sit a moment light a candle and make notes in your journal every evening about your progress in attaining your intentions write down what you did during that day685fbdfa41120f312a81ebc4ac12f60fWhat you did may be bringing you closer to achieving your goals and you may not even realize it til you see the written words

The things you write down in your journal are not just words on paper they are your dreams you have committed to in which you will do your part to make them real

Your energy sets your dreams in motion

As the Moon grows your intentions will grow as well

On the evening of the next Full Moon take out your journal and review your progress and find a way to take action on those intentions

…and celebrate each and every sign of change that have brought you closer to your goals…

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